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Kaiti Panagou-Stavrakoudi: Weaving Life’s Vibrancy onto Canvas

Kaiti Panagou-Stavrakoudi, a native of Istaia, Evia, Greece, is a multifaceted artist with a profound connection to the world of art. Born with a passion for creativity, she pursued her academic journey at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, graduating from the School of Philosophy. For more than three decades, she shared her wisdom as a dedicated professor of literature in secondary education, shaping young minds in various high schools.

Yet, Kaiti’s heart always harbored a deep love for painting, and her artistic journey was an autodidactic one. Her teachers were her thoughts and her soul, and her medium of choice ranged from oils and acrylics to watercolors and beyond. What sets Kaiti apart is her versatility, not limiting herself to one style. Her artistic expression flows seamlessly through realms of realism, surrealism, with profound ideological and philosophical undertones, and abstract expressionism.

Kaiti Panagou-Stavrakoudi is not just an artist; she’s an active participant in Greece’s artistic community. She’s a member of the art association ‘APELIS,’ where she also serves on the administrative board. Additionally, she holds memberships in the Panhellenic Union of Writers and Artists (PELTA), the ‘DIONI’ Union of Artists, ‘KALLITECHNORAMA,’ and various other art associations. Her artistic journey has taken her to more than 70 group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad, including Cyprus and Austria. She’s hosted three solo exhibitions in Chalkida, Greece, further solidifying her place in the art world.

Kaiti’s art transcends borders. In recent years, she represented Greece in international virtual exhibitions in Chile, Egypt, Syria, and Libya. Her exceptional contributions were also showcased in the collector’s edition artistic calendars of 2015 and 2017 by VIVLIONET publications. Her artworks have garnered attention from prominent blogs, TV interviews, magazines like ‘DEUKALION O THESSALOS,’ and newspapers such as ‘Evvoiki Gnomi.’

Her paintings have been honored in international competitions, and one of her creations, titled ‘Broken Ship,’ now graces the Museum-Archive of the renowned hyperrealist poet and author G. Skarimpas in Chalkida. Many of Kaiti’s artworks have been donated for charitable purposes, benefiting organizations like the Agios Savvas Hospital, the Hatzipaterio Foundation, the I. Metaxas Hospital, and the ‘Hamogelo tou Paidiou’ (The Smile of the Child) charity.

Kaiti’s art has found homes in private collections worldwide, showcasing her ability to resonate with diverse audiences. Her dedication and passion for art remain unwavering. To explore the vivid world of Kaiti Panagou-Stavrakoudi, visit her Facebook page, or reach out via email at panagou.ka@hotmail.com. For inquiries, you can also contact her at +30 6977232895. Kaiti’s journey through color and canvas is an inspiring tale of creativity, dedication, and the enduring power of art to transcend time and space.

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