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Poem by Mohamed Azumee 

GIRL: Poem by Mohamed Azumee 

She looked through her window, but what was in front of her-

Was not the green of a garden nor the blues of the ocean;

Just bars forming a cell, confining her to prison.

The very prison that she had been living in

That snatched away her freedom;

Her right to wear the attire she desired,

Her birthright to smile at someone she admired,

Her right to talk…! 

Her beautiful voice silenced by traditions and customs, 

Her fear to speak up to her parents,

Who she feared and loved.

Ironically, love was not enough,

But now she has to make a stand,

For no child should have it rough or tough,

To put both her feet firmly on the ground 

And say with pride that she wants to be her own voice,

To be able to make her own choice,

To have equal freedom and rights 

As you and I have, as her brothers have.

Not to be judged for her sense of humor, 

For she has a charming laugh that could touch a soul- 

with a desire to pass on hope, to live 

and willingly give to the rest of humanity.

She is the soul we thank for conveying the message- 

of unity, equality, humanity, and empathy.

Putting an end to modern-day slavery with nothing but the intimacy of love,

My dear loved ones, this is the 21st century

Where the world has suffered enough with gun violence 

and losses beyond our comprehension.

We may not live here an eternity, 

so let us make a difference in saving humanity.

This is the 21st century; she must save her life,

Fight for her right to be alive, her right to read and write,

the right of each and every innocent child.

Her right, her freedom to see beyond the light.

Mohamed Azumee
©Mohamed Azumee

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1 year ago

May the verses of a male poet in favour of women’s rights be heard far and wide and make the difference! It is, anyway, the duty of litterateurs worldwide to inspire, illuminate and above all educate the younger generations that represent our future. Congratulations, Mohamed Azumee!

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