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From Words to Deeds: The Inspiring Journey of Alicia Susana López

Alicia Susana López is a distinguished writer and poet, as well as a dedicated University Professor with a remarkable career. Born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, she hails from a family of writers, including her mother, father, maternal grandmother, sister, and cousin.

Alicia’s literary journey began at the age of ten when she won a drawing, painting, and advertising layout contest. Simultaneously, she demonstrated her passion for literature by reading El Cid Campeador in its original language. Her self-taught skills in drawing and painting further showcase her multifaceted talents.

She excelled academically, becoming the standard bearer in primary, secondary, and university education. Graduating as a professional nurse from the Rosario Red Cross branch and later from the Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires, she specialized in Neurophysioelectroencephalography, focusing on the diagnosis of brain death and epilepsy. Alicia served as a professor in neurology before retiring.

Alicia is an esteemed member of the literary community, having published an impressive 72 books. She holds the position of CONLEAM Ambassador, representing the Latin American Confederation of Writers, Artists, and Poets of the World, under the direction of Dr. Héctor Páez in The Rioja, Argentina. She is also an Ambassador of Peace for the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity in the Kingdom of Morocco, North Africa, and an Ambassador of Peace for Dream Equality in Bolivia.

Her international affiliations include roles such as Cultural Ambassador of Casa EYAM in Dublin, Ireland, and Ambassador and Correspondent of Aman Cara, a Celtic Elite Group in the same city, under the direction of Ada Noemí Zagaglia.

In addition to her literary achievements, Alicia is an active teacher in various workshops, including those for kindergarten children, teenagers with different abilities, drug addicts, and detainees in the adult male prison. Her commitment extends to international conferences and symposiums, where she shares her expertise.

Alicia has received numerous honors, including being declared Woman of the Year for 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 by La Voz de tus Escritos, directed by Gladys Vega Herrera in Tucumán, Argentina. She is an honorary citizen of the City of Funes and an illustrious visitor to the Provinces of Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, San Juan, and Santa Fe.

Despite facing serious health challenges, Alicia remains devoted to her community. She has founded the Un Nuevo Sol community center, providing support to children, youth, and needy adults in education and essential resources. Additionally, she established a center for the disabled in Funes and collaborates with charitable organizations such as Caritas Parroquial, UNICEF, and animal protectors.

For four decades, Alicia has been actively raising funds for missions to protect indigenous peoples throughout Argentina. Today, she faces life with difficulty due to health issues but remains fueled by love and respect for all her fellow human beings. Her enduring hope is to witness the flag of peace raised high.

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