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Echoes of Silence: Antonis Samiotakis’ Timeless Contributions to Literature and Arts

Antonis Samiotakis, a poet originating from Asia Minor, was born in Nicaia, Piraeus. His diverse career journey includes studies in Law, followed by that as a journalist and work in the Maritime sector. Additionally, he is the Founder and Director of the “Experimental Museum of Literature.”

Over the years, Samiotakis has been actively involved in numerous cultural and societal organizations. He served as the Secretary-General of the Club for “UNESCO Arts-Speech-Science” Greece, Vice-President and later on President of the “Linos” Society of Speech, Music and Art, and President of the “Nicaia Mountaineering and Nature Club.” His civic engagement also led him to serve as a Municipal Councilor in the city of Nicaia.

Previously, Antonis Samiotakis participated in the Boards of Directors of notable organizations, including the “Panhellenic Cultural Movement of Piraeus,” the “World Writers’ Center,” the “Artists’ Committee for International Recession and Peace,” and the inter-municipal radio station “Radio 5.”

Currently, he is a member of esteemed organizations such as the “Society of Greek Writers,” the “International Society of Greek Writers,” the “Greek Linguistic Heritage,” the “Hellenic Environmental Law Society,” and the Union of Smyrna, Piraeus.

As a poet, Samiotakis made his debut in 1978 with the poetry collection “Bitter Almonds” in Grammata, followed by numerous acclaimed works, including “Route,” “Scarlet Red,” “Flowing Tears”, “Nights and Days,” “Amen,” “Slight Touches 1,” “Palmographies,” “Slight Touches 2,” “Sweetness of Eros,” “Absinthe,” “Slight Touches 3,” “Upon Flowers 1,” and “Traces of Silence.”

His upcoming works, ready for publication, include “Slight Touches 4 & 5, essays and reviews, “Eros Wind” (play), “Mirror in the Rust” (short story), “Poet Bound” (poetry), “Prose Flowers” (lyrical texts), “Visual Traces” (texts and colors), “The Erotic” (poetry), “Upon the Invisibles” (poetry), “Philosophising and Exploring” (philosophical essay), and “The Teacher” (philosophical text).

Beyond his poetic endeavours, Antonis Samiotakis is an art critic, having published three books on the subject. He regularly contributes critical notes to periodicals and engages in intellectual activities, including speeches, lectures, and critical evaluations in Athens and across Greece. He is also actively involved in his permanent “Philological Cafe”.

Samiotakis has received recognition in literary competitions, with his books earning significant prizes. He has been honored for his contribution to Letters by Greek and European Institutions and Academies. His works have been translated into Italian, English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Arabic, and they have been included in encyclopedias and numerous anthologies. Musical productions by “Aquarius” have set his poetic works to music and released them on CD.

As an intellectual leader, Samiotakis is the founder of the “Philosophical Humanist Movement of the Martians,” and he additionally published the “Philological Kokkinia,” a Review of Letters of Art and Social Concern.

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