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From Potosí to Santa Cruz: The Literary Odyssey of Bertha Galán

Bertha Galán is a distinguished teacher, writer, and poet hailing from the enchanting city of Potosí, Bolivia, and currently residing in Santa Cruz. Holding a degree in Communication and Languages, she has further enriched her academic profile with several diplomas, including Teaching in Higher Education, Educational Management and Administration, Digital Platforms and Tools, and Capitalization of Knowledge for Text Production.

Bertha Galán’s literary prowess has garnered numerous accolades and honors, reflecting her profound impact on the literary landscape. Notable achievements include securing the first place in poetry at the International Contest “Tertulia Versos desde el Pilcomayo” and the Arica Barroca Festival in Chile. She was also bestowed with the Adela Zamudio Bolivian Poetry Anthology Award: Muses of Bolivia and was nominated for the ENDEHUANA Woman Award in 2023.

Her contributions extend beyond poetry, earning special mentions in love letters and honorable mentions in short stories and poetry. Bertha Galán has left an indelible mark on the literary world, participating in various national and international literary magazines and anthologies. Her presence has graced renowned literary festivals such as the Children’s and Youth Biennial Festival of Art and Sociocultural Expressions in Bolivia, the South Andean Arica Barroca Art Festival, and the Panorama International Literature Festival.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Bertha Galán shares her insights through reflection and opinion articles in pedagogical magazines and the teaching newspaper ARU SARTA. Her literary journey also includes the publication of a captivating book of short stories and anecdotes titled “Lights on the Horizon.” Furthermore, she awaits the imminent release of her collection of poems titled “La Rosa de los Vientos,” currently under review for publication. Bertha Galán continues to illuminate the literary world with her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication.

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