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Embarking on a Poetic Odyssey with Anita Panda: Unveiling the Soul Through Verses

In the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai’s literary landscape, Anita Panda stands as a passionate author-poet, weaving words that resonate with the essence of life. Beyond her role as a former Features writer and English teacher, Anita is a spiritualist, nature enthusiast, occasional blogger, flash-fiction writer, and an aspiring Bollywood lyricist.

Anita’s poetic journey takes root in the heartfelt compilation ‘GENESIS’ (2021), a tribute to her late valiant Soldier brother’s poems. Her verses echo in various anthologies like ‘INDIAN POETS UNITED,’ ‘WE THE WORLD POETS,’ and ‘LIVING ON’ (2022), showcasing a profound connection with the written word. Her work has found a home in esteemed publications such as TIMES OF INDIA, MUMBAI MIRROR, DNA, NEW WOMAN, ATELIER, and the digital magazine eShe, amplifying women’s voices.

A fervent poet, Anita is more than a wordsmith—she is a crusader challenging societal stigmas against women in India’s deeply patriarchal landscape. Her debut book, ‘SONGS OF MY SOUL,’ unveiled in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is a testament to her courage, resilience, and unique insights into life. The collection of forty-seven poignant poems delves into the human spirit, reflecting her journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning life’s profound lessons.

Beyond the realms of poetry, Anita is a practising Bodhisattva, drawn to philosophy during a turbulent phase in her life. Her spiritual awakening led her to ‘Nichiren Buddhism,’ a profound influence reflected in poems like ‘Becoming a Buddha’ from her debut book.

Anita believes in the transformative power of introspection, with many of her poems born from the deepest reflections on life. As she gracefully puts it, “The longest journey is the journey inwards,” and “The deepest pain often leads to the highest growth.”

Currently working on her second book, ‘Dil Ki Goonj,’ a compilation of Hindi-Urdu poems and ‘nazms,’ Anita aspires to become a globally recognized Author-Poet and columnist. Her vision and mission align with breaking stereotypes, and fostering a gender-equal, dynamic, safe, and empowered world for women.

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Anita Panda
Anita Panda
4 months ago

Thank U for such a glowing and amazing appreciation dear Editor & PILF Organisers and for according this opportunity!👌🙏

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