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Elisa Mascia: A Multifaceted Journey Through Art, Poetry, and Peace

Elisa Mascia, a renowned artist, poet, writer, and cultural promoter, was born on April 13, 1956, in the picturesque town of Santa Croce di Magliano, located in the province of Campobasso (Cb). Currently residing and working in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb), her life has been a fascinating odyssey of creativity, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of universal peace.

The Journey of a Poetess-Writer

Elisa Mascia’s artistic journey began with a profound love for literature and poetry. Her poetic exploration took a significant turn in July 2019 when she published her poetic Silloge titled “La Grattugia della Luna” (The Grater of the Moon). This milestone work was guided by the experienced hand of the great artist and poet, Erminio Girardo, who played a crucial role as her mentor.

Beyond Borders: Bridging Cultures through Translation

Elisa’s passion for language and literature extended beyond her own writings. She demonstrated her prowess as a translator by translating the poems of the celebrated poet NilavroNill Shoovro. These translated pieces found their place in the annual anthologies and monthly archives of world poets, curated by NilavroNill Shoovro himself. Additionally, she translated the book of poems titled “Savage Wind” by poet Asoke Kumar Mitra, thus breaking linguistic barriers and fostering global literary connections.

A Voice for the Arts

Elisa Mascia’s influence on the artistic world goes beyond pen and paper. Her participation in the project “A Voice of the Dark – Theater in the Dark” by Pietro La Barbera showcases her as a donor of voice, giving life and emotion to the arts in innovative ways.

A Journey in the Digital Realm

In the digital age, Elisa Mascia’s involvement in various online platforms has been notable. As a registered and founder member of WikiPoesia since February 2020, she has contributed to the dissemination of poetic knowledge. Additionally, she serves as the Academic, Coordinator, and Administrator of Italy in the Luso Academy-Brasileiro Albap, further strengthening artistic ties between Italy and Brazil.

A Global Peace Ambassador

Elisa Mascia’s dedication to promoting peace on a global scale earned her the prestigious title of “Ambassador of Peace.” As a Grihaswamini Ambassador to Italy, she carries the message of peace to different corners of the world. Furthermore, her role as a poet representing Italy in MUNDO LITERARIO UNIVERSAL and collaboration with Nicaraguan periodist Carlos Javier Jarquin underscore her commitment to fostering understanding and harmony among nations.

A Literary Maven

Elisa Mascia’s involvement in the literary world extends to her roles as Editor of a web page, Alessandria today newspaper, and Alessandria online blog. Her editorial prowess is evident in her work with the Writers Capital Foundation and as Italy Coordinator of PILF 2022 and Festival PIAF 2022 Arts and Sculptures. Her membership in the European Executive Council of the RENAISSANCE MILLENNIUM III of George Onsy and the Thrinakìa Prize Jury solidifies her place in the literary realm.

Embracing the Arts

Elisa Mascia’s artistic pursuits transcend the written word. She delved into the world of drawing and painting, honing her skills through online lessons by Argentine artist-sculptor-ceramist Ángel Guiñazu, thereby enriching her creative repertoire.

Collaborations and Connections

Elisa Mascia’s collaborations have spanned continents and cultures. She collaborated with the multi-talented Argentine poet, declamator, actress, radio and television presenter, Alicia Antonia Muñoz Verri, Guainy, showcasing the universality of art and poetry.

A Magical Journey

As the creator and curator of the blog “Magiche Emozioni dell’anima – nonsolopoesiarte.art.blog,” Elisa Mascia has crafted a digital realm that celebrates the magical emotions of the soul, transcending borders and bringing art enthusiasts together.

Elisa Mascia’s life is an inspiring testament to the power of art, poetry, and cultural exchange in promoting universal peace and understanding. Her tireless efforts in bridging gaps between cultures and promoting literary works from around the world have earned her a place of honor among the artistic community. As she continues to weave her creative tapestry, Elisa Mascia will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world of arts and letters for generations to come.

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