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From the River to the Sea: Poem by Evana Sunil

Land you have to kill for is not yours
Land you have to die for is,
The armored shells you bought into the stolen land
Will stay buried underground for you remain at no level
As the people who live above it.
I pray that the children can wake up to the songs of birds
Rather; the daily death waves that enter their nests.
I pray that the man who lost his bookshop will be gifted with a library.
I wish for the older generations to heal from their burnt olive trees.
The people you pushed out, still hold their keys –
To their broken homes, where there once used to be olive trees in bloom.
Years of patience have been put ablaze and you stand there, frightened by stones.
You can’t leave their homes alone, nor can you leave them in deep sleep.
How low must your dignity be for you to dig up on graves
Of the innocent to expand your mark?
How low must it be for you to turn a holy site into a battleground?
I must trace back on my choice of words, excuse me for I used battleground,
For how could it be considered war when one side fires up
their guns while the other prays?
I truly hope that one day, Palestine will be set free.

Poem by
Evana Sunil

About the Poet

Evana Sunil, a talented and ambitious grade 10 student at New Indian Model School Dubai, is a remarkable individual with a diverse range of interests. Born to Mr. Sunil Arogyam and Mrs. Binu Sunil, she is the youngest among her two siblings, Nikita Sunil and Stephanie Sunil. While Evana currently aspires to pursue a career in International Law, she understands that plans can evolve over time, and she remains open to exploring different opportunities that come her way.

Evana’s passions span a wide spectrum, reflecting her versatile nature. From her keenness for baking and an entrepreneurial spirit to her fondness for writing poems,. Although her commitment to poetry may not always be consistent, she seizes every moment when inspiration strikes and takes the opportunity to express herself through written verse.

Titles such as “Dead Society,” “Astral,” “Lilac,” “Reminisce,” “With you,” and “Odyssey of Life” showcase her talent and evoke a range of emotions. Among her collection of poems, From the River to the Sea holds a special place in Evana’s heart.. When reading this poem, she hopes that, even for a brief moment, readers can experience the same sentiments she felt during the creative process.

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11 months ago

Superb dear Evana…The poetic style as well as the words used depict the theme of the poem vividly …The rendition is really commendable …keep on writing more…

11 months ago

Words are woven meticulously to create a picturesque scenario. Congratulations

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