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Dr. Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman

Dr. Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman: A Maestro of Academia, Creative Writing, and Performing Arts

In the realm of academia, creativity, and stage performance, Dr. Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman stands as a luminous figure, illuminating pathways of knowledge and artistic expression. As a versatile academician, creative writer, and stage director, her contributions resonate deeply within Malaysia’s cultural and intellectual landscape.

Dr. Zainatul’s academic journey is marked by an illustrious array of achievements and accolades. She served as a distinguished creative writing lecturer at the College of Creative Arts, UiTM Malaysia, where she imparted her expertise to aspiring writers. Her academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. in Media Management from Northern University of Malaysia, complemented by bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and Communication.

Specializing in media communication, intercultural studies, and creative writing, Dr. Zainatul has left an indelible mark on the scholarly sphere. Her scholarly endeavors manifest in a prolific body of work, comprising articles in academic journals, books, and magazines. Notably, she has graced numerous national and international conferences with her insightful papers, earning accolades such as the Best Paper Award for her profound analysis of youth media participation in marginalized communities.

Beyond the realms of academia, Dr. Zainatul’s artistic prowess shines brightly on the stage and in print. With over 40 stage productions under her belt, she has directed, co-produced, and performed in a diverse array of theatrical works, captivating audiences with her creative vision. Her lyrical compositions have graced albums by the esteemed Rabbani group, while her documentary program, “Herbs Kitchen,” captivated viewers on Malaysian TV stations.

As a literary luminary, Dr. Zainatul has authored numerous books and poems, enriching Malaysia’s literary tapestry with her eloquent prose and evocative verse. Her maiden anthology of poems, “Kurnia Saffiah,” and script anthology, “Mana Kurnia,” stand as testament to her literary prowess and creative vision.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Zainatul has garnered an impressive array of awards and accolades, including the prestigious Malaysia Premier’s Literary Script Award and the Islamic Literary Award. Her contributions to literature and the performing arts have earned her esteemed recognition, including two entries in the Malaysia Book of Records for her exceptional achievements in festival recitals and multilingual dialect recitals.

Dr. Zainatul’s dedication to the promotion of arts and literature extends beyond her individual endeavors. As the director of the Panorama International Arts and Literature Festival in Malaysia, she plays a pivotal role in fostering cultural exchange and artistic collaboration on a global scale.

In essence, Dr. Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman epitomizes the convergence of academia, creativity, and cultural stewardship. Through her scholarly pursuits, creative endeavors, and visionary leadership, she continues to inspire and enrich Malaysia’s vibrant cultural landscape, leaving an indelible legacy for generations to come.

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