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Abhilash Fraizer: Crafting Words, Weaving Worlds

In the vibrant tapestry of Kerala’s literary landscape, Abhilash Fraizer stands as a multifaceted artist, contributing to the realms of poetry, novels, journalism, translation, and advertising. A scholar with a Post Graduate degree in English Language and Literature, Abhilash has carved a niche for himself as an author with a remarkable body of work.

His literary journey spans across 14 books, where he intricately explores the nuances of human experiences through poetry, novels, and articles. Among his recent accomplishments is the globally acclaimed ‘Father, a collection of poems,’ published by Wipf & Stock Publishers in Oregon, USA. This poignant collection reflects Abhilash’s ability to delve into the complexities of relationships, capturing emotions with a poetic grace that transcends borders.

In the realm of novels, ‘The End of Wars’ showcases Abhilash’s narrative prowess. His collection of poems, ‘Everlasting Things are Incomplete,’ further enriches the literary tapestry with its evocative verses. Notable among his works in Malayalam, the official language of Kerala, are ‘Dalamarmaram’ (The Rustle of Leaves), ‘Paravakalude Vazhi’ (The Way of Birds), ‘Raamazhayude Theerathu’ (On the banks of Night Rain), ‘Sajalam’ (Aqueous), and ‘Prapancha gaatha’ (The Ballad of the Universe).

‘Prapancha gaadha’ earned Abhilash the prestigious Kreatiff Silver Award for the second-best Novel in 2020, solidifying his position as a literary force. His contributions extend beyond the pages of books, as he received the ‘Yuva Prathibha Award’ from the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council Media Commission in 2014.

Abhilash’s poem ‘Between the Islands’ secured a place among the best 100 poems in a global contest hosted by Poemhunter.com, showcasing the universal appeal of his poetic expressions. As a screenwriter, he has lent his creativity to Sight and Sound Shows like ‘I Believe’ and ‘Ammamaram,’ witnessed by over 50,000 people in Kochi.

Residing in Ernakulam, Kerala, Abhilash finds inspiration in his familial bonds, sharing his life with his wife Sunitha and their two sons, Ezek and Izan. Through his literary endeavors and diverse contributions to the arts, Abhilash Fraizer continues to craft words that resonate, weaving worlds that captivate the hearts and minds of readers worldwide.

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