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A Symphony of Words: Discovering the Brilliance of ‘As I Cross The Bridge’ by Prof. Molly Joseph

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”  ~ Carl Sandburg

In “As I Cross The Bridge,” Prof. Molly Joseph presents readers with a sublime collection of poetry that is nothing short of an aesthetic delight. Each poem within this anthology flows like a cascading waterfall, immersing the reader in a whirlwind of sheer poetic beauty and intoxication.

Prof. Molly’s words not only captivate the mind but also stir a desire to journey deeper into the realms of metaphysical, spiritual, and ethereal bliss. As the anthology progresses, the simplicity of her poetic diction reaches mesmerizing levels, leaving the reader ensnared within the web of her artistry, much like the mythical Penelope of the postmodern era.

The poetess ingeniously portrays her thoughts and emotions as a flower pot, where every poem blossoms like vibrant flowers, each word germinating with an allegorical essence. One such masterpiece, “As I Cross The Bridge,” contemplates the unpredictability and uncertainty of human existence, likening life’s tumultuous journey to a boat floating over waves, navigating the broken bridges of circumstance. With each verse, the human experience is unveiled, evoking contemplation upon the existential terrains we traverse.

Prof. Molly’s subsequent poems bear an almost apocryphal essence, as their arresting simplicity reverberates like cascading waterfalls, refreshing and invigorating the reader’s soul. Works like “Sediments,” “Life Within Death,” “We are One,” and “Dance” are akin to goblets of invigorating wine, drawing the reader nearer to the revelatory world of postmodern literature envisioned by the eminent critic Ihab Hassan.

In “As I Cross The Bridge,” the poetess masterfully weaves words and flesh into an intricate matrix of human emotions and experiences. Each fiber of our being, every nerve, and feeling encountered during the boat-ride across the River Of Life is brought to life by her arresting and charming poetic cadence. Joseph assures us that amidst the broken bridges of life, there is always a boat to carry us through.

With “Valentine’s Day,” the poetess kindles the Lamp of Love in human hearts, yet beneath its radiance, the poem delves into the sweet sorrow and tenderness that inundates the human mind, turning the day of love into a revelatory, almost comic experience of existence.

As we journey through this poetic tapestry, pieces like “Covid,” “Ethics,” and “Mother India” resonate deeply within the reader’s psyche, eliciting profound emotions and introspection. The more simple and arresting the diction, the more entranced the reader becomes.

“We are one,” “Nature,” “November 1st,” “Dance,” “Moments,” “Mothering Woes,” and “Be Like the Sun,” among others, showcase Joseph’s ability to evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions, tugging at the very strings of the reader’s mind and soul. Each poem becomes a multicolored pulse, painting vivid portraits of the human experience.

The entirety of “As I Cross The Bridge” can be aptly labeled as Prof. Molly’s Creative Sacrament of her Heart and Soul. Within these verses, she bares her innermost thoughts and emotions, offering readers an intimate connection to her poetic legacy. Her ability to merge the ephemeral with the eternal, the metaphysical with the tangible, is a testament to her poetic prowess and depth of expression.

In conclusion, “As I Cross The Bridge” is a literary masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on anyone who delves into its enchanting pages. Prof. Molly Joseph’s poetic brilliance shines brightly in this anthology, and her words will continue to resonate in the hearts of readers for generations to come.

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