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Unveiling the Artistry of Gina Bonasera: A Journey Through Color and Emotion

Gina Bonasera, a vivacious and inquisitive artist, has always embraced the world of art as her own. From self-taught beginnings to her extensive artistic education, she has embarked on a creative odyssey marked by an exploration of colors, techniques, and an unwavering passion for self-expression.

Her artistic voyage commenced under the guidance of Sicilian master Vito Linares, who introduced her to the philosophy of fragmentation. Later, she delved into the realm of printmaking with Professor Vito Galfano, expanding her techniques into the interplay between color and material. Her journey encompassed oil and acrylic painting, mixed media, monotypes, collage, enamel spray, photography, and plotter painting.

However, it’s in recent years that Gina has chosen to focus on and evolve her expertise in Digital Art. Here, she finds a dynamic canvas that perfectly aligns with her expressive nature, allowing her to craft her unique artistic path.

In the realm of Digital Art, Gina Bonasera can reconstruct the techniques of assemblage and collage reminiscent of the Nouveau Réalisme movement. Here, she layers observations to create transpositions of contemporary reality, with all its hidden secrets and concealed identities.

Gina’s artwork carries shades of Abstract Expressionism in its vibrant and emotionally charged color palette. Her choice of colors is a symphony of emotions she seeks to unleash and emphasize. Yet, within the intensity of these colors lies the invitation to delve deeper, beyond the immediate sensations, to uncover concealed images that emerge upon a second look.

Her piece titled “Appunti” seems to represent a life journal, filled with spoken words, paths embarked upon, and sometimes abandoned for new horizons. These rational mosaics, while sometimes necessitating specific choices, have always allowed genuine emotions to resurface. Here, Gina’s Nouveau Réaliste spirit shines through as she overlaps elements as if they were snippets from a newspaper, randomly assembled yet, thanks to the intense emotional tones accompanying her actions, capable of guiding the mind and soul through a complete journey.

In “Donne al bivio” (Women at the Crossroads), Gina Bonasera’s painting skills come to the forefront. While Digital Art often leaves room for a less personalized approach, she opts for an acrylic medium to portray a world—specifically the world of women. It’s a world too multifaceted to be captured in a single narrative. Often, it remains unspoken until it decides to raise its voice. In this piece, it emerges from the silence, revealing itself through the veils, whether of indifference or disinterest, that often hide its essence. Gina chooses to paint these women in a highly individualistic manner, each face becoming one, none, and a hundred thousand faces at once. Despite its unrecognizability, the art invites women to feel like a part of that expression, liberated from chains that seemingly hold them back. The chosen color palette underscores their strength, resilience, and courage to break free, releasing an essence that can no longer remain silent.

In “Spring Sea,” colors darken, though they are tied to the greens and blues of the sea’s depths. This likely symbolizes Gina’s emphasis on the beauty hidden in profound contemplation, the act of looking into the darkness beneath the surface, which ultimately leads to something different, more concrete, more intense. The invocation of spring, as a moment of rebirth, invites the viewer to contemplate how, after introspection, one can attain new awareness. It prompts reflection on the possibility of finding new light and beginning a different, perhaps more aligned, path.

Gina Bonasera is a member of the artistic movement “Espansionismo,” conceived by Maestro Albino Pitti, and the “99 Quanti” group, a Research Group in Quantum Art, created by painter and journalist Lorena Ulpiani and supported by the sociologist Paolo Prandstraller. She is among the artists recognized by AIAPI UNESCO and holds an International Professional Artist Identification Card. Gina’s extensive portfolio includes exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and her works grace private and public collections, galleries, museums, foundations, and educational institutions.

Gina Bonasera’s art is a vibrant testament to the power of color and emotion, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. Through her unique blend of techniques, she creates a visual language that speaks to the soul, transcending the boundaries of traditional art forms.

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