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The Healing Hands and Creative Mind: Dr. Sreekar Balasundaram’s Journey as an Artist-Surgeon

Dr. Sreekar Balasundaram is a renowned figure in both the medical field and the world of art. Currently serving as the Professor and Head of Department in Cardiothoracic Surgery at St. John’s Medical College Hospital in Bangalore, Dr. Balasundaram has also established himself as a talented artist with a deep passion for painting.

In 1987, Dr. Balasundaram completed a Diploma in Fine Arts from Santhanams Chitra Vidyalayam in Chennai, India. Since then, he has held numerous solo painting exhibitions in both India and Australia, showcasing his unique artistic style and capturing the attention of art enthusiasts.

Dr. Balasundaram’s paintings exhibit bold strokes and predominantly earthy colors, layered with rich textures. His subjects range from religious icons to human forms, often carrying philosophical undertones. Among his most beloved works are those centered around Lord Ganesha, the deity known for removing obstacles. Dr. Balasundaram’s portrayals of Lord Ganesha vary from surreal and modern interpretations to abstract expressions, reflecting his creativity and versatility as an artist.

When asked about his passion for painting, Dr. Balasundaram shared, “I have been painting much before I became a doctor, or more specifically, a specialized surgeon. Painting Lord Ganesha is special to me as He challenges and satisfies my creative aspirations.” Despite his demanding schedule as a surgeon, Dr. Balasundaram finds solace in his creative pursuits, viewing painting as a form of stress relief that nourishes the mind and soul.

Dr. Balasundaram’s artistic talents have garnered attention from the media and art community. His exhibitions have been featured in esteemed publications such as Pune’s Sakaal Times in 2014 and Bangalore’s Deccan Herald in 2019, highlighting his remarkable journey as a heart doctor with a diploma in fine arts.

Some notable exhibitions where Dr. Balasundaram’s artworks have been showcased include Vangmai Charcha Mandal in Belgaum (2003), Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bangalore (2004, 2017), Ethos Art Gallery in Bangalore (2007), St. Victoria’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia (2009), Lady Jehangir Kothari Memorial Hall in Bangalore (2012), Achalam Art Gallery in Chennai (2014), and Darpan Art Gallery in Pune (2014), among others.

Dr. Sreekar Balasundaram’s remarkable ability to excel in both the medical field and the arts serves as an inspiration to many. His dedication to both his patients and his creative pursuits demonstrates the harmonious relationship between medicine and art, and how each can enrich the other in profound ways.


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Archana Murthy
Archana Murthy
11 months ago

Wonderful to know about Dr.Seeekar’s hidden talents…He is also a fantastic singer!!

Pushpa Char
Pushpa Char
11 months ago

Beautiful paintings. Being a renowned surgeon, he still makes time for his passion. Hats off to him. Apart from these qualities he is a good singer and a sitar player. Proud to know such multi talented person!

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