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THE CUP OF TIME: Poem by Amar Pratap Singh


I am bored of living
Drinking a cup of time
Looking at the path of the path
While waiting here.
I don’t know where I am
From here to there to where
Been busy finding meaning
Drowning while growing.
Life is a distraction perhaps
Wandering around
City city and village village
Mountains, mountains, roads.
Got the meaning, felt useless
What has passed seems like a dream
The conflict of meaning disaster is meaningless
Life really seemed to be a dream ..
Sleeping tired so much me
While testing without any reason.
I’m bored waking up sleep
While saying and listening.


The cup of time is many
Sweet bitter sour sour
Somewhere the salt of tears somewhere
Filled with dessert of happiness
Never anger hate hate hate
So selfishness got drunk somewhere
You get your own people to say
Got a spicy lick of relationships
All the juice mixed in this cup
Love is not found on love.

Poem by
Amar Pratap Singh
Ⓒ Amar Pratap Singh 2022

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Johanna Devadayavu
Johanna Devadayavu
2 years ago

If somehow through the dream and by the shadow picture one can grasp the reality – Truth – beyond all this – then and then only, one might trace in the cup of time a sweet after-taste.

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