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Roberto Bergonzo: A Journey from Eclectic Artistry to Unique U-ART

Roberto Bergonzo, whose origins are partly Mitteleuropean, was born in Turin. Defined by critics as an eclectic artist who has successfully ventured into painting, set design, industrial design, and interior architecture, Roberto’s creative journey has been a remarkable one. In recent years, he’s left the city behind, relocating his studio to the picturesque landscapes of Alta Langa, where he can also indulge in his passion for the piano and classical music, essential elements that enrich his artistic soul.

His artistic journey began during his adolescence when he started painting. Quickly, he gained recognition in exhibitions and received art awards. After completing his university studies, he taught art for several years. Later, he held the position of art director at an advertising and marketing agency. While pursuing these diverse career paths, he never abandoned painting. In fact, he began his independent art career, working on projects for renowned companies in various sectors, from aviation to consumer goods.

Parallel to his professional endeavors, Roberto’s artistic style evolved, much like many artists. He transitioned from classical figurative to a pseudo-expressionist style. In the 1990s, he developed a more complex technique that critics describe as post-technological surrealism. His works started to brim with color, symbols, and references, reflecting his engagement with the ethical and environmental issues of our time. Despite tackling such profound themes, his paintings never express negativity; instead, they embody his unwavering faith in humanity’s potential for redemption.

A significant chapter of Roberto’s career unfolded when he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. His vast experience working with large corporations naturally led him to industrial art. His paintings began to interpret corporate philosophies and convey clients’ messages through allegorical and science-fiction-inspired visuals.

In recent years, he has developed a passion for making art more accessible. Drawing from his background in interior design, he launched a new artistic line called U-ART: “your art,” art that represents and belongs to you. U-ART offers unique artworks that enhance living spaces by harmonizing with their lines, colors, volumes, and atmospheres.

These one-of-a-kind paintings, personally conceived and painted by the artist, can also be commissioned to meet individual preferences. U-ART’s philosophy is to bring art into our daily lives, making it economically and aesthetically accessible while retaining its distinctive style.

U-ART has introduced a distinctive technique that’s instantly recognizable. For instance, the artworks featuring portraits or figures have a unique characteristic: they appear ghostly and in motion. This dynamic quality, unfortunately not visible in static photographic reproductions, makes the painting perpetually dynamic. It changes throughout the day as light moves across its surface.

Roberto’s latest technique, which involves negative/positive, glossy/matte effects, results from his quest for unique visual experiences. It’s an attempt to convey a poetic essence through transfigured images that prioritize atmosphere and suggestion over mere representation.

Other works are exclusively geometric, featuring almost fluorescent metallic lines and compositions. Some paintings are monochromatic, with the artist often using gold, silver, and copper leaf laminates to enrich them and create unique lighting effects.

Throughout his artistic journey, Roberto Bergonzo’s unwavering focus remains on color, its ability to refract light, and its harmonious interplay with form. His art is a testament to his unique approach to creative expression, making the ordinary extraordinary and art an integral part of our everyday lives.

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