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Poetry is the language of the heart, capable of touching everyone’s heart, says Dr. Meenakshi Mohan

Athens (Greece): With more and more people coming up to read poetry in the coming days, it is a language of the heart capable enough to touch the hearts of people, said noted children’s writer, poet and artist Dr Meenakshi Mohan. She was speaking during the Meet the Author Programme conducted by the Writers Capital Foundation in association with Writers International Edition, Greece.

Poetry has been a part of children. As children, we all have grown up listening to and reading poetry and for this very reason, it has a greater influence on our lives. We need to expose children to poetry as much as we can so that just like a sponge they will absorb the content in it, Dr Meenakshi said adding that it is as much exposure we give they develop an interest in reading habit. The programme also discussed ‘Tapestry of Women in Indian Mythology’ an anthology of poetry by seventy poets edited by Dr Meenakshi Mohan.

Writers Capital International Foundation Secretary-General Irene Doura Kavadia presided over the programme. Chief Human Resources Officer Johanna Devadayavu, executive board member Joan Josep Barcelo, Poet Ramakrishna Perugu, Writers International Edition advisory board member Theodoros Dalmaris, executive editor Despena Dalmaris and other dignitaries participated in the event. Renowned poet Meera Vineeth introduced the author.

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