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In a celebration of literary excellence, the Panorama International Literature Festival proudly announces the recipients of the prestigious Panorama Golden Book Awards. These awards recognize outstanding literary works across various genres and honor the exceptional talent and creativity of authors from around the globe.

The esteemed awardees in the Panorama Golden Book Awards category include:

  • Santosh Nambiar for “The Art of Conscious Balance”
  • Christos Belles for “Diotima”
  • Luisa Camere for “Cargaditos de Amor”
  • Margarita Salirrosas Sánchez for “Cargaditos de Amor”
  • Nikolas Alexandrinos for “Che Guevara”
  • Dr. Miltiadis Dovas for “Contemplations”
  • Letizia Caiazzo for “Sul Filo di un Feeling”
  • Christos Dikbasanis for “Journey to Infinity”
  • Dr. Aparna Pradhan for “नारी अस्मिता”
  • Tania Theodosiou for “The Crystal Tear Of The Moon”
  • Dr. Gloriana Selvanathan for “Truth is Silenced”
  • Attrayee Chatterjee for “Musing by a Riverbank”
  • Ambika Ananth for “Cascades”
  • Poonam Chawla Sood for “TORN – A Patchwork of Moonlit emotions”
  • Dr Srilakshmi Adhyapak for “The Song Divine”
  • Lily Swarn for “The divine dialect of flowers”

Additionally, the Youth Awards recognize promising young talents, with accolades presented to:

  • Mary Anne Zammit for “Voices in the Dark”
  • Marco Carrer for “Strano Amore”
  • Shehla Ashkar for “The Voice of Silence”
  • Vasiliki Dragouni for “Prophecies Untold”
  • Hein Min Htun for “Crescendo”
  • Alessio Arena for “The Sky in Two”
  • Maria Grazia Carnà for “Blu ionico”
  • Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi for “Two Cents For My Thoughts”

Special Jury Awards were also bestowed upon deserving authors, including:

  • Nikos Markeas for “Legendary Runners”
  • Christos Sanos for “The Owl and the King”
  • Franco Leone for “Dal Parco Dell’ Alta Murgia al Mare”
  • Foteini Georgantaki-Psychogiou for “On Homer’s Hospitable Shores”

Prof. Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President of the Writers Capital International Foundation, expressed his delight at witnessing the recognition of vibrant literary works from diverse cultures during the Panorama International Literature Festival. He emphasized the festival’s commitment to celebrating literary diversity and fostering cross-cultural dialogue through the universal language of literature.

On behalf of the Panorama International Literature Festival, Secretary-General Prof. Irene Doura Kavadia too extended her heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees and expressed gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the world of literature.

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