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Montzerrat Licona: Exploring the Essence of Humanity Through Art and Science

Born on September 26th in Jalisco, Mexico, Lorena de Montzerrat Huante Licona is a Neuropsychologist, Researcher, Neurophysiology educator, and a writer dedicated to understanding and nurturing human essence and development. Her remarkable journey weaves together her passion, vocation, and profession in the realms of art, writing, and photography. With a profound connection to nature and her Mexican heritage, Montzerrat’s work touches and conveys the vibrant essence in every human heart.

Educational Roots and Artistic Beginnings

Driven by a deep interest in human inner realization and the intricacies of social influences on human existence, Montzerrat embarked on her academic journey by studying Psychology at the University of León. Here, she delved into the psychological and biological aspects of the human body, a field that would profoundly shape her academic, research, and artistic perspectives.

As her academic career flourished, Montzerrat also began her role as an educator in Neurophysiology at the university level. This parallel exploration of art and academia enriched her understanding of the intrinsic need of the biologically constituted body and the urgent need to recognize the profound connections between the true essence and purity of the human being.

Mastering Neuropsychology

Montzerrat’s pursuit of knowledge and research led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioral Neuropsychology at the Universidad Mondragón México. This academic effort offered her a broader view of scientific knowledge and human development, providing an enriching canvas for her artistic expression.

Beyond Borders

Montzerrat’s professional, scientific, and artistic journey extended far beyond her place of origin, transcending borders and traveling through her words. Her invitation to embark on the most important journey of our lives leaves an indelible mark and transcendence in her artistic subtlety. Her experiences and knowledge are a source of wisdom and inspiration, infusing her work with a global perspective.

Development on a Global Stage

Participation in various national and international artistic events expanded Montzerrat Licona’s artistic horizons. Author of the Best Sellers “Being, Love, and Conscious Sexuality; 7 Arts of Your Mind” and “The Voice of the Wind in Silence,” her outstanding and recognized contributions to various literary anthologies and magazines stand out. These include “Behind these words is a woman” and “Dreams of Naked Skin.”

Montzerrat is the Director and Founder of the Conscious Neuropsychological Center in Human Development. She is an active member of the Royal International Academy and the National and International Institute of the Arts Society. Montzerrat also serves as the Communications and Coordination Chief in Mexico for the Writers Capital Foundation. This foundation has allowed her to develop, share, and appreciate the depth of art’s impact on society and its universal language.

Living Art

Montzerrat’s creative art is an invisible and intangible link between her essence, ancestral identity, and the world. Her primary work and living art are found in the wisdom of nature and neuropsychological development. With this, she discovers a permanent abode in the hearts of her readers and followers, inspiring and captivating the world.

Moments of a Continuous Journey

Montzerrat’s essential, professional, and artistic journey is marked by her innate nature and commitment to explore the true essence of the human being and its deepest inner realization. Uniting cultures, science, and ideology into a single source of life, Montzerrat has not only created art but also connections through her words and images that invite poetry and the unfolding of the human mind. Her art transcends and sows the seed in fertile soil. Lorena de Montzrerrat Huante Licona continues to create a lasting legacy through contemplation, uniting the tangible and intangible through the powerful language of words and art.

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