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Isaac Cohen: The Multifaceted Artistic Force from Tel-Aviv, Israel

In the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel, resides a remarkable artist whose talents know no bounds. Isaac Cohen, born in Beer-Sheva in 1960, is a true polymath, leaving his indelible mark on various facets of the artistic world. His journey from his hometown to Tel-Aviv has been one of poetic prose, vivid paintings, and profound contributions to literature.

Isaac’s artistic odyssey began under the influence of his mother, Mazal Cohen, a gifted storyteller known for her enchanting folk tales. This early exposure to the power of narratives undoubtedly sowed the seeds of creativity in young Isaac.

Isaac’s academic pursuits led him to Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in History. His deep appreciation for history would later influence his creative work, infusing it with a rich sense of context and meaning.

In 1983, Isaac Cohen took a monumental step in his literary journey by publishing his book, “The Moment of Silence.” This work marked the beginning of his career as a poet, prose writer, translator, and artist. His creative energy transcended linguistic barriers, with his works published in Hebrew and featured in prestigious anthologies and newsletters, including “Eiton 77,” “Apirion,” “Dimui,” “Mabua,” and “Maut.”

Isaac’s commitment to honing his craft led him to study under the guidance of literary luminaries like Amos Oz, Yehuda Amichai, and Dan Tzalka. Their mentorship undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping his artistic sensibilities.

Throughout his career, Isaac Cohen has received numerous accolades that attest to his literary prowess. He clinched the top prize in the “Connection” competition, hosted by “Free Mason” in Tel-Aviv in 1986. His literary achievements continued to shine as he secured the second prize in the “Anniversary 50 to Israel Land” competition, organized by the Voices group of Tel-Aviv poetry in 1998.

Isaac’s commitment to promoting peace and understanding through literature earned him an honorable certificate at “The Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace” in 1998. His dedication to poetry was further recognized when he secured a prize in “Mifal Hapise from poetry” in 2002. In 2005, his contribution to storytelling on the internet garnered him an honorable certificate at the “Jerusalem Stories” competition.

His literary excellence resonated beyond Israel, earning him an honor certificate from the “International Award of Excellence – City Of GALATEO-Antonio De Ferrariis” in Roma, Italy, in 2021.

Isaac’s talents are not confined to the world of words; he is also a master of logic puzzles, overseeing a club dedicated to these brain-teasers on the website “Motke.” His versatility extends even further with the creation of “Hershlle Jukes,” a novel that showcases his storytelling prowess.

Isaac’s poetry, a reflection of his diverse experiences and deep emotions, has transcended language barriers. His poems have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Tamil, Philippine, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Hindi, Bengali, and, of course, his native Hebrew.

Isaac Cohen is a respected member of the “Voices” Israel group of poets in English. His verses have graced the pages of “Voices Newsletter – Israel Group of Poets in English,” and his poetic gems have been featured in renowned anthologies such as “ATUNIS,” “Voices,” “Determination Two,” and “Under the Azure Sky.”

Isaac Cohen’s literary journey is not confined to the written word alone. He has taken his poetry to international audiences by participating in numerous poetry reading festivals. His voice and words have also resonated on radio internet platforms, including “UMRO” and “Umamus al Mundo Radio Online” in Mexico.

In the digital realm, Isaac has been an active member of the group “Poets without Borders” on Facebook, where poets from around the world converge to share their artistry and perspectives.

Isaac Cohen’s enduring commitment to culture and the arts has made him a cherished figure in Israel’s creative landscape. His multifaceted contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of literature and beyond, showcasing the transformative power of art to bridge gaps and foster understanding among diverse cultures and communities.

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