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India’s Animal Welfare Board urges people to celebrate Valentine’s Day hugging cows

The Animal Welfare Board of India has suggested in a circular to embrace a cow on Valentine’s Day. The circular mentions that the cow is a significant aspect of India’s culture and rural economy and thus, “Cow Hug Day” should be celebrated.

According to the circular, hugging cows brings happiness, which has been causing the circular to spread widely on social media. The circular also mentions the influence of Western culture on Indian society and explains that the call for embracing cows was made to promote compassion towards animals.

Cows are considered sacred and revered in Hinduism, which is the majority religion in India. Worshipping cows is a common practice among many Hindus who believe that cows are a symbol of wealth, strength, motherly love, and nurturing nature.

In Hinduism, cows are believed to represent the divine and selfless giving nature and are associated with the Hindu god Lord Krishna. The worship of cows is seen as a way to attain blessings and good fortune, and the milk of the cow is considered pure and sacred.

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