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Homecoming: Poem by Johanna Devadayavu

In my dream stealing away into sparkling stary array
Out beyond the dark of midnight sky ever soaring high
Passing the lovely lantern-like boon our homely moon
Hugging countless stars while whizzing by with a smile…

Where had I gone after I was born?
Where had I been ere I was taught to ever win?
Where is reality who’s shadow is mere vanity?
Where is the song to take me home?

I keep rising bedazzled stunned and puzzled
Crossing nebulas in splendorous hues – no agendas
Feather-light at liberty from gravity’s toiling plight
Surpassing the paradigm of day and night…

After I was born on myriad twisted roads I had gone
Returned deep within I know there’s nothing to win
Beyond the vale of vanity dwells sanctity in eternal serenity
Where unified souls sing a song – taking me home.

Poem by
Johanna Devadayavu
© Johanna Devadayavu

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