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From Poetic Stanzas to Dramatic Narratives: Nebojša Lapčević’s Literary Spectrum

Nebojša Lapčević, born in 1966 in Kruševac, is a versatile writer with a diverse literary portfolio. His creative pursuits encompass poetry, short stories, novels, librettos, dramatic texts, songs, and plays for children.

Among his published works are collections of poems such as “Seme na winder” (Baghdala, Kruševac, 1999), “Stanzas in Praslikama” (Cigoja Press, Belgrade, 2003), and “Arrival of Christ in Manhattan” (Eurografika, Zvornik, 2010). Lapčević has also authored a prose triptych titled “Incarnation” (Apostrophe, Belgrade, and Bagdala, Kruševac, 2000) and a collection of poetry and prose titled “The Poet and His Models” (Apostrophe Belgrade; Bagdala, Kruševac, 2001).

In addition to his literary endeavors, Nebojša Lapčević has made significant contributions to other genres, including a drama titled “Roman story,” a nonfiction book on sports culture titled “Heart on the field” (National book, Belgrade, 2005), and short stories such as “Entrance to the South Door” (Narodna knjiga, Belgrade, 2007). He has also written stories for children, such as “Who pulled Charlie?” (Eurografika, Zvornik, 2009), which was adapted into a theater performance for children by the Theatre Studio KCK.

Lapčević’s involvement extends to librettos, including “Cross of the Holy Emperor Constantine” (Historical archive, Kruševac, 2013) and the composition of the cantata “Miroljub Arandjelovic Rasinski.” Notably, he contributed the libretto for the first Kruševac opera, “Lazarevo otrebenje 2021.”
His novels include “Jezero u čeljela” (Niški cultural center, 2013) and “Screenplay for Woody Allen” (Arte, Belgrade, 2014). Lapčević has also published synopses on “Prijezda i The Moravian Covenant of Duke Priezda” (Rasinius, 2019) and stories such as “Manuscript in terracotta” (November, 2020).

Nebojša Lapčević’s literary achievements have been recognized through various awards, including the Golden Badge of the Serbian Correctional Facility, Thanks and Seal of Prince Lazar UKS. He is the recipient of the “Brana Cvetković” and “Radoje Domanović” awards for his book of poems “Pollen Pickers” (Povelja, Kraljevo, 2019), as well as the Đura Jakšić and Srboljub Mitić awards. Additionally, he has been honored with the Meša Selimović award for the book “Philatelist” (Charter, Kraljevo, 2022).

Nebojša Lapčević is an esteemed member of the Writers’ Association of Serbia and serves as the president of the Bagdala Literary Club. Currently residing in Kruševac, he is employed at the Cultural Center Krusevac and holds the position of editor for the Legat Milić program Swords.

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