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Nayma Yasir

Exploring Marine Beauty: Nayma Yasir’s “Maskan مسكن (Home)”

Dive into the depths of art and nature as Nayma Yasir takes us on a journey to the enchanting Astola Island through her mesmerizing artwork “Maskan مسكن (Home).” Measuring 80cm x 80cm and brought to life with oil on canvas, this piece encapsulates the essence of a truly remarkable place.

A Glimpse of Astola Island

Astola Island, nestled in the Arabian Sea along the coast of Pasni district in Balochistan, Pakistan, is a natural wonder. This remote island has earned fame not only for its pristine natural beauty but also for its rich marine biodiversity. It’s often hailed as a paradise for marine enthusiasts and nature lovers.

A Marine Haven

Astola Island’s waters are teeming with life. It’s home to approximately 22 species of corals, which create a vibrant underwater world. But the beauty doesn’t end there; these azure waters also host playful dolphins, majestic whales, and a multitude of fish species. What’s even more remarkable is the occasional sighting of a rare marine mammal, found exclusively in the Arabian Sea, in the vicinity of this island.

Guardian of the Sea

Astola Island holds another significant distinction—it’s Pakistan’s very first Marine Protected Area (MPA). This status reflects the island’s importance in preserving marine life and ecosystems. It’s a sanctuary for countless species, a place where nature thrives undisturbed.

A Collaborative Effort

Nayma Yasir’s artwork not only captures the island’s beauty but also sheds light on the dedicated efforts of organizations working tirelessly to protect this marine haven. One such partnership involves the Ocean Resource Portal (ORP) and the Maritime Archaeology & Heritage Institute (MAHI).

ORP and MAHI: Protecting the Past and the Present

The Ocean Resource Portal (ORP) focuses on removing ghost nets from shipwrecks in Pakistan’s waters. These abandoned fishing nets pose a significant threat to marine life. ORP’s commitment to cleaning up these waters aligns perfectly with Astola Island’s status as a Marine Protected Area.

On the other hand, the Maritime Archaeology & Heritage Institute (MAHI) plays a crucial role in investigating, identifying, documenting, interpreting, and preserving maritime cultural heritage in the region. This partnership with ORP highlights the need to protect not only the island’s present but also its historical and cultural significance.

Nayma Yasir’s Tribute

Nayma Yasir’s artwork “Maskan مسكن (Home)” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the astounding beauty of Astola Island and the dedication of organizations like ORP and MAHI in preserving this natural wonder. Through her art, she invites us to appreciate the delicate balance between nature and human intervention, urging us to protect the treasures of our seas for generations to come.

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