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Chris Bodor: A Symphony of Stories Unveiled Through Verse

In the heart of Connecticut, amidst the vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity, Chris Bodor, a first-generation American, embarked on a poetic odyssey that echoes the echoes of his Hungarian father’s departure from Kisvárda and his English mother’s journey to Connecticut. Born in 1967, Chris’s early years were woven with the threads of a unique heritage, laying the foundation for a narrative journey that would traverse continents and cultures.

The seeds of storytelling were sown in Chris’s youth, nurtured by the whimsical charm of “The Uncle Floyd Show,” a low-budget comedy variety program emanating from a television studio in Newark, New Jersey. Enthralled by the show’s creativity, Chris transformed his parent’s basement into a playground of imagination, creating endearing movies starring his two younger brothers—a prelude to his future as a storyteller.

As his academic pursuits led him to a degree in film, video, and television in New Haven, Chris encountered a cinematic masterpiece that would redefine his artistic direction. The movie “Barfly” served as the portal to the world of Charles Bukowski, the poet behind the screenplay. This revelation sparked a profound connection to the art of poetry, setting Chris on a path of self-expression and narrative exploration.

Over the past three decades, Chris’s poetic voice has resonated across borders, finding homes in publications not only in the United States but also in Poland and Belgium. His verses, whether in small press or online platforms, transcend geographical boundaries, weaving a narrative that speaks to the universality of the human experience.

In 2009, Chris embarked on a mission to cultivate a poetic community by initiating a monthly open mic gathering in the enchanting city of St. Augustine, Florida. What began as a humble endeavor has blossomed into a fourteen-year-strong series—a testament to Chris’s commitment to fostering creative expression within a community.

This April, in honor of National Poetry Month, Chris Bodor takes the helm as the chair of the St. Augustine PoetFest on the historic campus of Flagler College. With the theme “Outlaw Poets: Florida and Beyond,” the festival pays homage to the literary legacy of Jack Kerouac, who spent the final decade of his life in Florida. The three-day event promises a vibrant tapestry of creative expression, featuring author talks, seminars, panel discussions, and a keynote presentation. The festival will crescendo with an after-festival performance gathering—a testament to Chris’s enduring commitment to the art of poetry and community building.

In the symphony of Chris Bodor’s life, each verse is a note, and every stanza is a chapter—a poetic journey that continues to unfold with richness, depth, and an unwavering dedication to the craft of storytelling through verse.

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