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Chasing Dreams in Verse: Antonis Filippaios’s Poetry Chronicles

Antonis Filippaios was born in Athens in 1980. After completing High School, he spent two years in Italy studying at the Law School of the University of Rome. Upon returning to Greece, he earned a degree in Italian Language and Literature from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Subsequently, he pursued studies in International and European Relations at a Private College in Athens.

Antonis’s artistic prowess shines in the field of poetry, where he has achieved notable success in various international competitions. His poetic journey commenced with the collection “Animus Nudus,” honored with the “Anacreon” prize at the 3rd World Poetry Competition K.P. Cavafy in 2017. The same work garnered recognition as the best poetry collection of 2018 by the International Art Academy.

His collection “SILENTIUM” earned the prestigious PRATINAS prize in the 7th World Poetry Competition of Amphiktionia Hellenism. The poem “The Lovers of Light” secured the first prize in the 8th World Poetry Competition of Amphiktionia Hellenism in 2019. Furthermore, his poem “The Use of Antigone” received Excellence in Poetry at the 10th World Literary Competition of the Hellenic Cypriots of Greece in 2020, signaling the forthcoming third poetry collection.

Beyond accolades, Antonis is actively engaged in various cultural and artistic bodies. Since 2022, he has been a member and representative of the International Cultural organization “Amphictyonia of Hellenism” based in Thessaloniki, and a member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers. He actively participates in the Union of Writers of Northern Greece (ELBE) and is a member of the Group for UNESCO of Speech Arts and Sciences of Greece.

Antonis’s literary contributions extend globally, with his poems translated into English, Italian, and Russian. They are featured in international poetry anthologies worldwide, including countries like America, Mexico, China, Japan, Italy, and India. Notably, he is a member of the Writers Capital Foundation, a non-profit literary organization based in India – Karnataka.

The musical adaptation of Antonis’s award-winning poem “Naked Soul” by composer Eleftheria Metaxas and Amphiktionia Hellenism’s President, Mr. Dimitris Bukonis, demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of his work. Furthermore, his collaboration with various literary magazines and publishers, such as the Panorama International Literature Festival, the literary magazine of Dr. Mohan Bairagi, and NAMASTE INDIA, showcases his broad reach and influence in the international literary community.

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