Once, a little boy was born to King Trevor in a magical palace in a place called the World of Wizards. There was a rumour that whenever someone is born in the magical palace, they will get magical powers. King Trevor was so happy. He named him John clever. He grew up to become a prince.

One day, while he was sleeping in his bedroom, he heard a noise coming from the wall-

“Hi John, I am the magical wall. You are our saviour. Come, save us.”

John was surprised. He went to the wall and touched it. A small opening appeared. He went inside it and saw some small wall elves, big wall giants, the wall King and Queen. They all welcomed him.

The King who asked the prince for a quick meeting explained the problems they faced and asked for help. Suddenly, He teleported to the wall forest. All he saw were some plants and a small hut. He went into the small hut and saw an old man who was a wizard.

The old man told a spell on his ears and gave him a magical wand and the heart of the forest then he warned him of the dangers. He told him about the heart of the forest. John got prepared and stepped out of the hut fearlessly.

He suddenly heard sounds of growling and big stomping. It was the Dinosaur and the Dinosaur Army. Then the war began. He was able to kill the dinosaur army one by one easily. Then, the dinosaur looked at the prince angrily. John stepped in front with all his might. He took out his magic wand and said a spell which made the dinosaur lose some of its powers. The Dinosaur picked him up angrily when he replaced the heart of the forest back to its heart.

Suddenly, Trees, plants, birds and animals appeared. The hut changed into a big mansion. The dinosaur changed into the wall forest king and thanked him for saving them.

His alarm started ringing and he woke up. He told his father about the dream he had last night. But, no one knew that what happened was actually real.

Sivasakthi Santhosh Narayanan

About the Writer

Hailing from Kottayam, often known as the ‘City of Letters’ in the picturesque Southern Indian state of Kerala, Sivasakthi Santhosh Narayanan is a passionate young writer. She is a Grade Seven student at Sharjah Indian School. She started writing stories when she was 8 years. Keen on absorbing the colours of nature, she also loves photography. Sivasakthi lives in Sharja with her father Santhosh Narayanan and Veena who are employed there.