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Amy Vasilescu: A Multifaceted Artistic Visionary

Meet Amy Vasilescu, a versatile and accomplished artist whose creative journey spans a diverse spectrum of mediums, techniques, and achievements. Hailing from Romania, Amy’s artistic prowess has earned her not only recognition but also numerous prestigious awards from acclaimed International and National Festivals, Salons, and Symposia.

As an elite painter, Amy’s mastery extends beyond traditional boundaries. While she adeptly wields oil and acrylic colors on canvas, she also brings watercolors to life on paper or cardboard. Her exploration of mixed techniques unveils a captivating three-dimensional aspect in her artworks, showcasing her unparalleled creativity and innovation.

Amy’s artistic curiosity extends to the realm of photography, where her keen eye has led to spectacular and significant results. Through her lens, she captures the essence of the world around her, infusing her photographic work with the same depth and emotion that characterize her paintings.

However, Amy Vasilescu’s contributions to the art world transcend her role as an artist. As an organizer and curator, she holds the esteemed position of General Manager at HXA Art Gallery. Through this cultural association, she orchestrates traveling collective exhibitions across Romania’s major cities, promoting contemporary art and providing a platform for fellow artists to shine.

The brand “APCOR” serves as a testament to Amy’s dedication and tireless efforts. With a portfolio filled with robust projects, both within Romania and beyond, Amy Vasilescu continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Her legacy extends far beyond the canvas, leaving an indelible mark on the art world and inspiring countless creators along the way.

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