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Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Luke. He was 6 years old. He had no friends. One day he was so sad because he had no friends and he walked alone on the street. Later, when he came back home, he prayed to God for a friend.

The next day he went to school. He was lonely, he had no one to talk to. Just then he met a boy. His name was John. They talked, they played, they shared things, and so on. One day they became best friends.

Years later, they grew up and became men. They got jobs to do, so they were busy. Years and years later they forgot each other.

One day Luke came back to home after his work. Luke’s mom said: ‘Luke it’s time to sleep’. When he was going to sleep, he remembered his best friend, John.

He rushed out of his bed and immediately took his phone and called John. John was going to sleep. He heard a phone call. It was Luke. He said: ‘Oh! I forgot; it is Luke.’ He was so happy and he answered the call.

Luke said: ‘Hey remember me? Its Luke.’ John said: ‘Hey can we hang out tomorrow, I will be at the park.’ Luke said: ‘Sure I will come.’ Then they slept.

Then next day, he went to the park, he saw John. He was sitting on a bench. Just then, he saw Luke. They ran to each other and hugged.

John said: How long it has been since we last met?

Luke said: ‘Uh, I’m not sure!’

Luke said: ‘Let’s go for shopping.’ John said: ‘Sure.’ Later they came back after shopping. John said: ‘Bye Luke.’ Luke replied; ‘Bye.’ Then they went to home. They went to sleep and they were true best friends forever.

Izan Fraizer
Kerala, India

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Sudha Chandran
6 months ago

Izan, sooper 🥰🥰🥰🥰congratulations 👍👍👍👍

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