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A MOTHER’S HEART: Poem by Irene Doura-Kavadia

Like a mother’s genuine heart
Beating with love so deep and pure
Mine feels – oh! – so full
Of such unconditional love
Ready true emotions to impart
To those that are to me so dear
And all their troubles get to cure.

So full of wealth inside to offer
So rich in gems within to share
Used to giving open-handed
still a doubt lurking in the corner
– It is indeed because I too much care –
If all I give or have granted
Will ever be sufficient
For the people I love

I doubt if all I give them
Will also to my own mind be sufficient
And most of all, it’s tough,
I doubt if even my whole self,
If I get to gift it all away,
will ever be close enough

All I have to give is an open heart
a bounty, rich, vast land,
endless and limitless in colours,
a gift from the hand
promising never to be apart –

Will that ever be enough?
Silence, a dark veil all around,
but the image of a Mom
sheds holy light to abound

My question has been answered!
Now I know, with my courage gathered;

In the end, what truly counts
Is only the love we one another give
and how this actually amounts
on this planet we have come to live.

Poem by
©Irene Doura Kavadia

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