I have immense pleasure to address you all to express my sincere gratitude for accepting the magazine close to your hearts. The number of responses that we receive from every nuke and corner of the world itself proves how well our attempt is appreciated. Thank you all for supporting us! Sincere gratitude to the directors of Writers Capital International Foundation (WCIF) from across the world, whose enthusiasm has been a great motivation for our efforts.

Although Internet is the vastest resource in today’s world, there is still a scarcity of a platform where we can find all genres of literature under a single roof. When there are some websites that offer good content, they fail to present them in an attractive way; if someone successfully brings a good design, they fail to bring the best of the content; if everything happens, they lack simplicity in accessing the content. It is considering all these aspects we have conceived the idea of a complete magazine – The Litterateur. All that we offer is a venue where under the shades of the trees we can sit for a while and fill our souls with the nectar of literature to our hearts’ content, in the best digital ambience.

The evolution of the idea of Litterateur Online was not an abrupt process! It came out of a strong drive to bring something powerful and meaningful media to bring quality works into mainstream literature. Writers, fundamentally, are innocent creatures and are often tend to be carried away by false promises by people they trust. When the selfish motives of a few self-proclaimed masters and leaders in social media work, it is often the innocence of those sensitive and sensible writers being deceived. The moment when we realise this, it would be too late and we find ourselves shattered upon the understanding of the world and its deception.

It is time to wake-up to reality and to identify what is good and sustainable for the future as a writer. For the very same we need formal platforms beyond the virtual world where certificates evolved out of the imagination of graphic designers has nothing to offer but a few hours or days of excitement. All that we need to do is to seek opportunities to refine our skills in writing, to invite more experiences in life for rich content in the works and to further expand vision globally. Who on earth, would not wish his or her name famed across the world? However, I earnestly believe that the same should not be the only aim of writing. The very moment we complete a workbrings the greatest reward of it and a great work, even if you hide it in your shelf, will come out to the limelight one or the other day.

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.” Thus says George Fisher andI understand we have a long way to go before we translate the concept of a complete magazine into reality. On this occasion, I am glad to inform you all that we are ready with the print edition of Litterateur Online named The Litterateur. We have a panel of editors who would select the best works from Litterateur Online, however we regret that we are unable to publish all works in the print edition due to limited pages in it. Primary responses show that the magazine will have extensive reach across the globe and I am sure this will take your name and fame beyond the political barriers.

We have one country known as earth, we have one religion known as love and we stand for those mighty values of humanity! Let us all dedicate ourselves for the noble causes of humanity that would turn earth a better place to live!

Warm Regards,