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Women’s Day Celebrations 2022: WCF honours women for their contributions to humanity

Athens (Greece): Twenty women from as many as 6 continents were honoured during the International Women’s Day celebrations conducted by Writers Capital Foundation. Eminent writers from around the world participated in the event which was held virtually on Sunday, March 13.

Awards were presented to women in 6 Continents of the globe (Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia) with a view to honouring women from various walks of life for their exceptional personalities and deeds in the fields of literature, music, art, the cinema and the theatre; also to women dedicated to science, medicine, voluntarism, to promoting culture and cultural diversity, yet most of all to promoting perennial values such as love, peace, solidarity, and equality.

Zoi Geroulanou, Maresa Berlini, Ester Abreu Vieira de Oliveira, Marinella Linardos, Punya Devi, Joanna Svensson, Jyothirmaya Thakur, Neela Bhagwat, Parvathy Ramachandran, Laksmirsree Banerjee, Sarojadevi Komatla, Despena Dalmaris, Voula Memou, Olga Acheimastou, Rouliana Zotou, Angelina Neves, Ana Ulehla, Maria Muguras Vnuck, Meenakshi Mohan and Ramina Herrera were among the awardees.

Speaking during the occasion, Elena Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis, authors of the recently published children’s book for distributing among children who are fighting with various physical anomalies in hospitals in Greece, said that women’s contribution to society is vital in the healthy existence of the world. Congratulating the awardees, they also thanked Writers International Edition Greece for bringing out the books that are being distributed free among the less fortunate children in Greece.

In the virtual poets’ meet conducted as part of the celebrations, writers from various countries presented their works. In the event presided over by WCF Secretary-General Prof. Irene Doura Kavadia, Executive Board Member and Chief Human Resource Officer Johanna Devadayavou welcomed the guest and Prof. Athanasios Nassiopoulos delivered the Vote of thanks. Executive Board Member Elisa Mascia felicitated the awardees.

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