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Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

WHO AM I? Poem by Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

Amidst the shadows, I seek my true self,
as night surrenders to day’s embrace,
The moon beckons, and the sun rekindles hope,
illuminating the path to self-discovery.
Through countless lifetimes,
this quest to find myself persists,
“Who am I?” I ask, adorned in different guises,
each time anew.

In every fresh attire,
I venture forth to uncharted realms,
Yet, finding oneself in unfamiliar territories
proves an elusive pursuit.

Poem by
Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

About the Poet

Savitaa, an established and acknowledged abstract artist, believes in creativity as an essential part of her life. It is a journey of connecting herself deep within. Nature is her inspiration to travel on this creative path. She works and experiments with natural colours and, textures, shapes, and forms, and loves getting her hands dirty in a variety of colour mediums, like acrylic, watercolours, oil, and mixed media. Her focus is to paint the connectivity between nature and her feelings towards it. She explored and broadened her experience with Lino and wood prints during her academic period. Savitaa is currently living in Bangalore, India, persuaded her “Diploma in Art Teacher from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai (1997), and was also honoured with distinction, 4th rank in Maharashtra state in “Fine Art Diploma” from L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai (2001). She is a contemporary artist, who always tries to involve her audience in the form of abstraction to connect to nature and enjoy the present moment. Her painting style displays the soothing rhythm, the sound, and the music which is coming from nature. She believes that painting is not just a visual communication, but a silent poetry.

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11 months ago

So thoughtful savita tandale. Love yur poetry n your painting.

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