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Songs Divine," a collection of captivating verses penned by Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak

‘The Song Divine’ by Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak to be Released at Panorama International Arts Festival Closing Ceremony

Athens, Greece: “The Song Divine,” a literary masterpiece penned by Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak, will be unveiled during the closing day ceremony of the prestigious Panorama International Arts Festival 2023 in the presence of distinguished personalities in the field of arts and literature from across the world.

Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak, known for her distinguished career as a medical doctor and as the head of the Department of Cardiology at St. John’s Medical College, has ventured into the realm of literature with her latest work. “The Song Divine” promises to be a captivating blend of science and spirituality, offering readers a melodic journey into the profound depths of human existence and our eternal connection with the divine.

The Panorama International Arts Festival, known for showcasing exceptional talents and fostering cultural exchange, provides the perfect backdrop for the release of this literary gem. While the festival itself will be held virtually, the event promises to attract an audience of global proportions, bringing together individuals who appreciate the harmonious fusion of art, literature, and spirituality.

Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak is a distinguished medical doctor and the head of the Department of Cardiology at St. John’s Medical College. She is also a gifted poet and spiritual guide. “The Song Divine” is her latest literary offering, where she seamlessly marries her medical expertise with her spiritual insights to create a work of profound wisdom and beauty.

Dr. Adhyapak’s work is not confined by borders or boundaries. Her verses resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. Through eloquent words, rich metaphors, and evocative imagery, she explores the complexities of life’s dilemmas, the pursuit of truth, and the quest for inner liberation.

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