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The Minarets: Poem by Arsha Bijer

Can you hear
the weary, aureate cry
from one of those minarets?
Climbing up five times a day
breaking almost all his bones
hurting his voice.
No soul finds it serene so far.
No flowers are sent by
a secret admirer either.
Prophet or poet?
I’m meant to perform
the soloist recital
from this concealed dome
cramped below the heavens
I can barely see the sky
through the latticed holes.
“In all my life, I’m keen
about what I do.
Passionate or
enduring the path to enlightenment?”
Prophet or poet?
It makes no difference.
The call should
reach far and wide
touch the terrain
echo everywhere
rush with the wind
and soon swoosh into
the ears of
each disciple.
Prophet or poet?
I’m here to line you all up
“Pray under your roof
know your presiding deity.”
Here is the first and final
call, for your prayer.

Poem by

About the Poet

Hailing from picturesque Kerala, Arsha Bijer is an aspiring poet. Her love for the written word extends beyond just poetry. She also enjoys creative writing and has penned a few short stories that have been praised for their vivid imagery and compelling characters. Her creative writing abilities have proven useful in her work as the Chief Communications Officer at Writers Capital International, where she often develops captivating content for various media platforms. Arsha’s passion for storytelling also led her to work as a creative head for a few short films, where she brought her unique vision to life through stunning visuals and relatable characters. Her writing not only showcases her creative talents, but also her dedication to making a positive social impact. She believes that writers have a responsibility to use their words to spread messages of compassion, empathy, and understanding. She hopes to use her creative writing to make a difference in the world. She lives in Abu Dhabi contributing greatly to the creative writing and advertising industry.

Cover Artist: Renasaj

A self-taught artist from India, residing in the Middle East, he tries to bring a unique style to each of his works, with different painting techniques. Nature is his favourite subject, and he likes to create unique textures and visual treats on canvas.

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