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Global Vision Summit 2024

Global Vision Summit 2024: A Beacon of Unity and Cultural Exchange Concludes in Athens

Athens, Greece – The Global Vision Summit 2024, hosted by the Writers Capital International Foundation, concluded on July 2, 2024, marking a significant milestone in promoting cultural exchange and unity. The event brought together intellectuals, litterateurs, artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs from around the world to the historic city of Athens.

The summit commenced with a message by Prof. Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, Founder & CEO of the Writers Capital International Foundation. Prof. Nambiar reflected on the foundation’s decade-long journey, emphasizing the importance of fostering humanity’s finest values. Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia, Vice President of the Global Vision Summit 2024, extended a warm welcome to delegates from countries including the USA, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, France, Algeria, UAE, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Iran, Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa, and Ecuador.

Day one featured a series of engaging speeches from distinguished panelists and members of the Organising Committee and Advisory Board, including Despena Dalmaris, Voula Memou, Nouli Tsagaraki, Olga Acheimastou, and Elias Tsonis. The opening ceremony also included a solo violin performance by Ioannis Nikolis and a mini concert led by Maestro Takis Nikolis.

The Excellence Awards 2024 and Global Icon Awards were presented by notable dignitaries such as Ambassador Emeritus Constantin Cakioussis and Ambassador Duncan of Australia, recognizing the outstanding contributions of individuals across various fields.

Day two continued with the presentation of awards and the recognition of inspirational women for 2024. The event also honored children who participated in the “Embers of Change” project at the Panorama Festival 2024. Former Minister Tzoumakas, Yiannis Kaltsas, President of the Aetoloarcanian Association, and Dr. Steven Vogazianos Roy, President of the World Philosophical Forum Annex Greece, addressed the summit.

Several notable books, including “Whispers of the Soul” by renowned Italian artist and poet Silla Maria Campanini, “The Art of Haiku & Tanka,” an anthology of 100 English haikus by celebrated poet and cultural advocate Mou Modhubontee, and “Phoenix Rhapsody,” a captivating collection of poems were released during the event. Other releases included “Journey to Infinity” by Ntikbasamis, “The Language of Peace” by Voula Memou, “Prophecies Untold” by Vasiliki Dragouni, “Steps of Life” by Sardelis, “Oasis’ Recollections” by Retali, and “On My Own” by Nina Ntoura.

The Panorama International Book Awards celebrated the achievements of poets from 87 countries. The summit concluded with a vote of thanks by Vasiliki Dragouni and a farewell address by Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia who stressed upon the need for such global gatherings to promote the values of humanity. The event that affirmed the power of cultural exchange and the unifying force of literature and the arts also highlighted global solidarity and inspired continued efforts toward a brighter future for humanity.



Panorama International Literature Festival 2024 Begins with “Illuminate Humanity: A Candlelit Pledge”

Athens (Greece): The much-anticipated Panorama International Literature Festival 2024, hosted by The Writers Capital Foundation, commenced its literary journey on January 1st, 2024, with a poignant and symbolic initiation— the “Illuminate Humanity: A Candlelit Pledge” program.

This inaugural event captured the essence of global collaboration, as people from diverse corners of the world, including esteemed delegates, united virtually to participate in the candlelight ceremony. The metaphorical act of lighting candles served as a universal pledge to spread kindness and compassion, setting the tone for the festival’s overarching theme of embracing humanity through literature.

Delegates and literature enthusiasts from various countries contributed to the luminous spectacle. The virtual gathering witnessed a kaleidoscope of candles being lit, symbolizing a collective commitment to illuminating the world with the virtues of kindness and compassion.

The Candlelit Pledge saw a heartening display of unity, underscoring the festival’s mission to bridge cultures through the universal language of literature. Participants shared their candlelit moments on social media platforms, fostering a global sense of connection.

“The ‘Illuminate Humanity’ program marks the inauguration of Panorama International Literature Festival 2024 with a profound and symbolic gesture. Literature has the power to transcend borders, and this program exemplifies our collective dedication to fostering a more compassionate and understanding world,” said Preeth Nambiar, President of The Writers Capital Foundation.

As the festival unfolds, attendees can expect an array of literary events, insightful discussions, and engaging sessions that promise to transcend cultural boundaries. Panorama International Literature Festival 2024 is not merely a celebration of words but a global rendezvous for minds eager to explore the vast landscape of human experiences through the medium of literature.


The restart of the Race for the cure

On 5-8 May 2022, the XXII edition of the Race for the cure took place in Rome, in the historical setting of the Circus Maximus, organised by Komen Italia, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.  At this link, the official video of this XXII edition:

More than 50 thousand people took part in the Race of Rome; in four days, 1400 free services for the early diagnosis of breast cancer and other female pathologies were provided in the Health Village, especially for women in socially fragile conditions, including some Ukrainian refugees. The Race for the cure is the world’s largest event to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention and counteract the delays created by the pandemic. The pink tide of participants took more than 40 minutes to cross the starting line and broke a special record.

As always, the protagonists of this special event of health, sport and solidarity were the ‘women in pink’ – women who have personally faced breast cancer – who with their testimony have contributed over the years to a radical cultural change in the approach to the disease.

The Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri and the President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti, together with the US Ambassador to the UN agencies Cindy McCain, Prof. Riccardo Masetti, President of Komen Italia and the godmothers of Komen Italia Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Rosanna Banfi, officially kicked off the traditional 5 km run and 2 km walk. Also present at the start were the Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Rome Sabrina Alfonsi, the Councillor for School, Training and Work, Claudia Pratelli, the Director General Organisation Ministry of Culture Marina Giuseppone, Violante Guidotti Bentivoglio, CEO of Komen Italia, and Prof. Giovanni Scambia, Scientific Director of the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, together with corporate partners Duarte Dias and Barbara Saba of Johnson and Johnson, Monica Cerroni of the FASDA Fund, Fabio Fossati of the AF group, Simonetta Soverini of Unisalute, Alberto Stanzione of Pfizer, Patrizia Pavone of Roma Capitale, volleyball champion Andrea Lucchetta with the General Secretary of the Italian Volleyball Federation Stefano Bellotti and many other personalities from the world of journalism, television, the web, sport, culture and for the youngest ones the Winx.

The Health Village, coordinated by Prof. Daniela Terribile (Vice-President of Komen Italia) and Dr. Alba Di Leone, was visited by Health Minister Roberto Speranza, and was carried out in collaboration with the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS.

Since 2000 to date, thanks mainly to the Race for the Cure, Komen Italia has been able to invest more than 21 million euros to set up more than 1,000 projects for the protection of women’s health in Italy.

The Race will pass through 6 other Italian cities: Bari (13 – 15 May), Naples (20 – 22 May), Bologna (16 – 18 September), Brescia (23 – 25 September), Matera (30 September – 2 October) and Pescara (7 – 9 October).

As for the 8 May Race in Rome, first across the line in the women’s category was Elisa Palmero of C.S. Esercito in 17’06”, followed by Sara Carnicelli of Athletica Vaticana A.S.D. in 17’09” and Angelina Cavalieri of Podistica Solidarietà in 19’24”.

In the men’s category: first classified Riccardo Passeri of TZ Fitness S.S.D.ARL in 15’44”, Domenico Liberatore of Podistica Solidarietà in 16” and Lorenzo Rieti of ASD Atletica La Sbarra. More and more women in pink participated individually and also in teams. Stefania Pomponi of Podistica Solidarietà crossed the finish line first in 21’01”, followed by Ilaria Piscitelli of G.S. Cat Sport Roma in 21’02” and Michaela Gessini of Italia Marathon Club SSDRL in 24’19”.

Once again this year, the Race for the Cure was held with the patronage and participation of the Lazio Region, Roma Capitale, C.O.N.I., Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS, Italian Army, Carabinieri, National Fire Brigade, Italian Football Federation, Italian Volleyball Federation, Italian Athletics Federation, Italian Basketball Federation, Italian Golf Federation, Italian Rowing Federation, Italian Cooks Federation and Rai Social Responsibility.

The event is made possible by the precious collaboration of hundreds of volunteers and thanks to the generous support of numerous companies sensitive to health and prevention issues. The main partners are: Amgen, Fasda, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Gilead, AF Group, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Unisalute. Aveeno and Biafin are partners in the ‘Women in Pink’ area. Official suppliers Hertz and Lete. The installation of the Emotional Room this year was made possible thanks to the contribution of Valmontone Outlet. The technical organisation of the race is, as usual, entrusted to GSB RUN (Gruppo Sportivo Bancari Romani).

Fundamental also this year was the support of the Press, Advertising, TV and Web that played a role in promoting the Race for the Cure.

Join the next Race for the cure in Bologna (16 – 18 September), Brescia (23 – 25 September), Matera (30 September – 2 October) and Pescara (7 – 9 October)!

For information www.komen.it

For donations and registration: www.raceforthecure.it