Global Vision Summit 2024 Athens, Greece: A Detailed Report

Held from 1-2 July 2024, Athens, Greece


The Global Vision Summit 2024, organized by the Writers Capital International Foundation, was a landmark event that brought together intellectuals, litterateurs, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and representatives from various cognitive domains from around the world. Held in the historic city of Athens, Greece, this summit marked a significant milestone in fostering global solidarity, unity, and cooperation under the inspiring motto “Bridging Worlds, Uniting Visions.”

The Summit aimed to create a platform where diverse cultures and nations could come together to share their insights, celebrate their achievements, and work towards a common goal of promoting humanitarian values and cultural understanding. Over the course of two days, the event featured a series of speeches, performances, award ceremonies, and book launches, highlighting the remarkable contributions of individuals and groups dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

This detailed report provides an in-depth look at the proceedings of the Global Vision Summit 2024, capturing the essence of the discussions, the spirit of the participants, and the vision that guided this extraordinary gathering.

Day 1: A New Era of Solidarity and Unity

The Writers Capital International Foundation welcomed a diverse assembly of intellectuals, litterateurs, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and representatives from various cognitive domains to the Global Vision Summit 2024. The event began with a heartwarming address by Prof. Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President Founder & CEO of the Writers Capital International Foundation and President of the Summit. His inspirational speech recounted the inception of the Foundation a decade ago, born out of a deep-seated desire to foster a world where humanity’s finest values could flourish.

Vice President of the Global Vision Summit 2024 and Secretary-General of the Writers Capital International Foundation, Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia, extended her warmest greetings to all delegates and esteemed guests from across the globe, including representatives from the USA, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, France, Algeria, UAE, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Iran, Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa, and Ecuador. The Summit marked a new era of solidarity, brotherhood, and unity, embodying the motto “Bridging Worlds, Uniting Visions,” and embarked on a journey to foster understanding and cooperation among diverse cultures and nations.

The panel comprised esteemed litterateurs and intellectuals, including members of the Organising Committee and the Advisory Board of the WCIF: Despena Dalmaris, Voula Memou, Nouli Tsagaraki, Olga Acheimastou, and Elias Tsonis. The Summit commenced with introductory speeches by the Chief Coordinators of Ceremonies, Ms. Emy Serlis on Day 1 and Mr. Dimitris Primalis on Day 2.

Constantine Zombos, Deputy Governor of Central Athens, represented the Governor of Attica, under whose auspices the Summit was held. Mario Nottas, President of the European Communication Institute (ECI), sent his best wishes through Dr. Angeliki Kompoholi, who represented him. The Summit was supported by the ECI, World Philosophical Forum, Annex Athens, and H2O Olympiade. Guests of honour were bestowed with special medals to honour and welcome them to Athens.

The event featured a solo performance by Ioannis Nikolis on the violin and a mini concert of string instruments led by Maestro Takis Nikolis of the Conservatory of Palaio Faliro. The Global Icon Awards and Excellence Awards 2024 were presented by Ambassador Emeritus Constantin Cakioussis, Ambassador Duncan of Australia, Director of the “House of Cyprus” Mr. Diomedes Nikita, representing the Ambassador of Cyprus Mr. Stavros Avgoustidis, and Ambassador of the International Organisation of Cultural Diplomacy Mr. Andrew Rentzoulas. The Golden Book Awards ceremony recognized outstanding literary contributions. The evening concluded with a vote of thanks by Olga Acheimastou.

Day 2: Celebrating Excellence and Inspiring Change

The day began with a welcome speech by Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia, followed by the continuation of the Excellence Awards and the award ceremony for children who participated in the “Embers of Change” project at the Panorama Festival 2024 titled “Agni – the Element of Fire.” The Academy Language and Translation Centres presented Certificates of Language Acquisition (Levels B2 up to C2) to their candidates.

Inspirational women were honoured with the International Women’s Awards for 2024. Distinguished guests, including former Minister Tzoumakas, Yiannis Kaltsas, President of the Aetoloarcanian Association globally, and Dr. Steven Vogazianos Roy, President of the World Philosophical Forum Annex Greece, addressed the Summit after receiving their guest of honour medals.

Mr. Nikos Alexiou, President of Litterateurs in the USA, launched the anthology “Poetry – the Language Beyond Borders,” describing it as a passport to life.

Several notable works were launched, including “The Art of Haiku & Tanka” by Mou Modhubantee, “Whispers of the Soul” by Silla Maria Campanini, “Journey to Infinity” by Ntikbasamis, “The Language of Peace” by Voula Memou, “Prophecies Untold” by Vasiliki Dragouni, “Steps of Life” by Sardelis, “Oasis’ Recollections” by Retali, and “On My Own” by Nina Ntoura.

The Panorama International Book Awards celebrated the winners among poets from 87 countries. The day concluded with a series of speeches, including Agathi Revythi on the legacy of Greek literature and its modern challenges, Katerina Bourdoukou on “Deus Ex Machina: The Theatre and Its Role as a Mechanism for Personal Evolution,” and Jeffrey Levett, International Gusi Peace Laureate, who recited his verses. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Vasiliki Dragouni and a farewell address by Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia, marking the end of a truly memorable and impactful Global Vision Summit 2024.

The Global Vision Summit 2024 has not only bridged worlds and united visions but also reaffirmed our collective commitment to fostering a world where the arts, literature, and humanitarian values thrive. We look forward to continuing this journey of solidarity and cooperation, inspired by the profound connections and insights shared during these two remarkable days.