Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True: by Pilar López Amorelli

“This man does not “fly”, in the same way as his great-great-grandfather, Johann Sebastian Bach, did not “write music” either – he exhaled it!”. This is how the prelude of “Biplano”, one of the books by Richard Bach, who was one of her sources of inspiration, reflects the notion that the idea of the unattainable does not exist, since you can achieve anything with perseverance.

There are few people who stand out for having tried to follow their dreams and have been able to achieve them, though they had to go against mandates and prohibitions dictated both by the family and the society, especially in the case of extremely conventional ones. That is why it is our duty not to forget about them since it was those few people who paved the way for many others who followed in their footsteps. 

For this reason, when the objectives are really passionate and reach the point where they stop having a meaning other than that of fulfillment, the only thing that has significance is that desire to go further; without wishing to prove anything to anyone, as the sole thing that matters is the mere fact of dreaming.

In this way, in September 1973 there was officially named the first female pilot in the province of Salta, Argentine, despite the difficulties of the time. That woman is my mother, who against all odds has followed the ideals of her adventurous heart and has not allowed that fascination concerning the sky, the moon, the stars, and the planets to be silenced. Nor did she let her ardent wish fade away that led her to the realization of her adventures and to be able to travel high up in the skies, as she had always dreamt of.


Pilar López Amorelli
©Pilar López Amorelli