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Sensuous Reflections: Life Unveiled in Adyasha Das’s Literary Canvas

In the tapestry of literary brilliance, Dr. Adyasha Das emerges as a luminary, casting her eloquent voice across the landscapes of both Odia and English literature. As a distinguished Professor at the Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Bhubaneswar, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, she stands as a beacon among the vibrant voices of young writers in Odisha.

Adyasha is not merely a professor; she is a maestro of words, a poet and short-story writer whose creations resonate with insightful and colourful portrayals of life. Her literary prowess extends across three books of poems and a collection of short stories, where she explores diverse themes with a sensibility that is both reflective and sensuous.

A polyglot in the language of literature, Adyasha’s works have transcended linguistic boundaries, finding translation in Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Manipuri, French, and German. Her achievements bear witness to her dedication to the craft, participating in esteemed programs like the indo-german writer-in-residence initiative AKSHAR, organized by Sahitya Akademi, the Goethe Institute, and literaturhaeuser.net.

Adyasha’s academic contributions add another layer to her literary tapestry, with authorship of academic books showcasing her depth of knowledge. Her recognition extends beyond the borders of her homeland, earning her the Suryadatta National Award, Chausathi Yogini Samman, Odisha Pratibha Samman, and the honour of participating in cultural exchanges with Germany through the Goethe Institute.

A recipient of the Junior Fellowship in English Literature from the Ministry of Culture, Adyasha has delved into research on “Empowerment in the poetry of pre-independent women poets.” Her journey as a literary luminary has taken her to esteemed platforms such as Literaturhaus Frankfurt am Main, The House of World Cultures, Literaturhaus Berlin, Leipzig Literaturhaus, Indische Nacht im Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Uto Kulm, Zurich, and the Frankfurt Book Fair, leaving an indelible mark on the global literary landscape.

As we acknowledge the numerous awards bestowed upon her, including the Sahitya Akademi, Suryadatta National Award, and Chausathi Yogini Samman, we celebrate Dr. Adyasha Das—a literary virtuoso whose words transcend boundaries and paint a vivid portrait of the human experience.

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