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Mother Earth’s Pain: Poem by Austin Ajit

Our agony-filled mother
Whose children we tend to slaughter.
Who weeps for humans’ self-indulgence?
Zillions of critters are lost
To our inhuman deeds.
To our ceaseless needs.
But ! Mother’s smile is what we need.
Hey Human!
You are not superior!
We wholly make ecosystem.
Handle us with respect.
If not Mamma will be enraged.

I dream of a homeland
All stand hands in hand
Grin and triumphant everywhere.
Peace and tenderness everywhere.

Poem by
Austin Ajit
© Austin Ajit

Austin Ajit is a 9-year-old child from Bangalore. He is a young author, naturalist, artist, storyteller, and avid reader. At the age of 8, he penned and published his first book titled ‘Grandma And Austin’s Plant Kingdom’ and his second book titled ‘Austin’s Dino World’ at the age of 9. He holds the record as the youngest author in various categories from ‘Harvard World Records – London’, the ‘India Book of Records’ and the ‘International Book of Records’. He has also received Ukiyoto Literary Awards, India Education Awards, India’s Independent Inspiration Child awards and recognized by various other literary forums.


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