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Chinese company asks candidates to wear costume mask for interview

Job seekers follow interview guidelines provided by their respective companies, which vary in their standards. Some companies may consider factors like marriage, weight, and height, in addition to age, gender, and education, but these are not very common.

A Chinese company, Chengdu Ant Logistics, has recently implemented a unique interview policy requiring both the interviewer and the interviewee to wear full-face masks.

The instruction of a mask was reportedly given in order to avoid discrimination over appearance while selecting candidates during the company’s biannual recruitment fair. The masks, the company believes, would else ease the stress and anxiety among candidates.

The video of the interview process went viral on social media, with many people applauding the company’s decision as a step towards combating racism and bias. Chengdu Ant Logistics had previously used unconventional methods to assess candidates, including testing their athletic abilities.

“It could benefit people with a social phobia,” South China Morning Post quoted the woman who filmed the video as saying.

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