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THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND WORDS: ‘Race for the Cure’ to conduct Sixth Edition of the Poetry Competition “Fino in Fondo” in Rome

In the context of the initiatives of the Race for the cure in Rome (Circo Massimo, 5-8 May 2022) on 5 May – 5.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m., at the Conference Area will take place THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND WORDS. Presentation of the Sixth Edition of the Poetry Competition “Fino in Fondo”.

The initiative aims to promote poetry as a tool to support those who live in painful situations related to illness, loneliness, death, suffering, abandonment, because it allows them to represent, process and transform to share with others even the most intimate and painful thoughts, thus reducing their destructive force.

The meeting is open to all. Special guests are “women in pink”, women who have faced or are experiencing breast cancer.
In the first part of the meeting, Maresa Berliri (volunteer, Komen Italia), Marinella Linardos (psycho-oncologist, Centro Integrato di Senologia Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli) and Arianna Saggio (Libero Pensiero) will address the theme of the “therapeutic” use of writing and poetry and will present the Sixth Edition of the poetry competition “Fino in Fondo”, open until 10 September 2022. The competition, organised by the Libero Pensiero association in support of the Komen Italia initiatives, intends to valorise Poetry remembering Francesca Voi, a young girl who fought for a long time against a terrible disease “Fino in Fondo”. The promotion of this Sixth Edition is supported by the Writers Capital International Foundation, the Cultural Association “Di Terra e di Parole”, the National Association of War Invalids and Mutilated – Barletta Branch, the National Association of Fighters and Veterans – Barletta Branch.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants will be given the opportunity to write one of their emotions, one of their thoughts using the form that each of them will prefer (a motto, a short poem, an aphorism, a sentence, etc.). The writings will then be shared with those present and subsequently published on the Fino in Fondo – https://www.facebook.com/premio.finoinfondo Facebook page.

Poetry Box by Joan Josep Barcelo and Filippo Papa on the Theme Freedom attracts hundreds of lovers of arts and literature in Italy

After the grand success of the first Poetry Box, winner of the “Maestri a Milano 2022” award, the artist Filippo Papa in collaboration with the poet and writer Joan Josep Barcelo presented “Poetry Box 2” in Italy. The performance attracted hundreds of lovers of poetry and arts.

The performance aims to represent love, the contact and the strength of poetry, basing its solid roots on the concept of “FREEDOM”. Papa with the expression of his body and Barcelo with the power of the word will tell a story steeped in “soul”.

Poetry Box 2 = Poetry Box al quadrato

The addition of the number 2 on the title indicates the second edition of the performance and also the “al quadrato” evolution towards a higher concept. Historical facts tell us about prisons of ideas and freedom, which paradoxically can lead the individual to a prison of inner solitude. The art within this scenario can make us reflect on society, its dynamics and tell us about them. Papa and Barcelo take the performative act already expressed with the first “Poetry box” to the next level. A “universal” message is born from the complaint of violence against women. A “SCREAM AGAINST VIOLENCE”.

The performance took place within the edition of the “1st Biennale Internazionale di Asti”. In the event organized by Pablo Toussaint and Romina Tondo together with the critic Roberto Portinari, Papa remained closed again in the transparent box, already signed by the passage of the first poets who wrote on it, accompanied by Barcelo’s poems, where instinctively perked up upon hearing his words. Unlike the first performance, we saw a new element take over as the performer entered the box with his smartphone and photographed the outside world from inside his transparent prison.

The act of photographing has a double interpretation, the first linked to the professional figure of Papa who in addition to being a performer is a photographer, while the second mentions the world of social networks and the daily act of sharing the world around us. Paradoxically, if they are abused, social networks can become a prison of being as reality and the way of life is distorted and the boundary between fiction and reality becomes more and more unstable. Freedom of thought and speech are incorporated in this so-called “metaverse”.

At the end of the performance, after Barcelo’s readings, all the guests of the event in a choral act of love wrote a meaningful sentence on the box, also becoming an indelible trace in which time, body and soul have merged.

Poetry Box remains as an installation

The “Box” remained as an installation within the exhibition spaces of the Asti art gallery in Asti. All visitors to the biennale will be able to leave a message of love, peace and freedom both inside and outside the box itself.

Women’s Day Celebrations 2022: WCF honours women for their contributions to humanity

Athens (Greece): Twenty women from as many as 6 continents were honoured during the International Women’s Day celebrations conducted by Writers Capital Foundation. Eminent writers from around the world participated in the event which was held virtually on Sunday, March 13.

Awards were presented to women in 6 Continents of the globe (Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia) with a view to honouring women from various walks of life for their exceptional personalities and deeds in the fields of literature, music, art, the cinema and the theatre; also to women dedicated to science, medicine, voluntarism, to promoting culture and cultural diversity, yet most of all to promoting perennial values such as love, peace, solidarity, and equality.

Zoi Geroulanou, Maresa Berlini, Ester Abreu Vieira de Oliveira, Marinella Linardos, Punya Devi, Joanna Svensson, Jyothirmaya Thakur, Neela Bhagwat, Parvathy Ramachandran, Laksmirsree Banerjee, Sarojadevi Komatla, Despena Dalmaris, Voula Memou, Olga Acheimastou, Rouliana Zotou, Angelina Neves, Ana Ulehla, Maria Muguras Vnuck, Meenakshi Mohan and Ramina Herrera were among the awardees.

Speaking during the occasion, Elena Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis, authors of the recently published children’s book for distributing among children who are fighting with various physical anomalies in hospitals in Greece, said that women’s contribution to society is vital in the healthy existence of the world. Congratulating the awardees, they also thanked Writers International Edition Greece for bringing out the books that are being distributed free among the less fortunate children in Greece.

In the virtual poets’ meet conducted as part of the celebrations, writers from various countries presented their works. In the event presided over by WCF Secretary-General Prof. Irene Doura Kavadia, Executive Board Member and Chief Human Resource Officer Johanna Devadayavou welcomed the guest and Prof. Athanasios Nassiopoulos delivered the Vote of thanks. Executive Board Member Elisa Mascia felicitated the awardees.


Nobel Prize winners usually attend a royal banquet inside the glittering Stockholm City Hall, where they accept their awards from the king and rub shoulders with other dignitaries and laureates.

But most of this year’s awards are being given out in scaled-down ceremonies this week in the laureates’ home countries. For the second year running, the pandemic has disrupted the festivities.

On Monday, the author Abdulrazak Gurnah was the first to receive his award, the Nobel Prize in Literature, in a ceremony at the Swedish ambassador’s residence in London.

“Customarily you would receive the prize from the hands of His Majesty, the king of Sweden,” Ambassador Mikaela Kumlin Granitshe told Gurnah, according to the Associated Press. “However, this year you will be celebrated with a distance forced upon us because of the pandemic.”

The award comes with a gold medal, a diploma and more than $1 million in prize money.