‘Restarting from culture’ by the ‘“L’ Inedito Letterario” Association to be held from 7-8 May in Pineto, Italy

‘Restarting from culture’ is the title of the initiative envisioned and implemented by the ‘L’Inedito Letterario’ Association in Pineto. The event is taking place from 9.00 to 19.00 on the ground floor of Villa Filiani as an opportunity for the community to get acquainted with cultural reality and with the participating Abruzzo authors and activists.

The Association deals with the dissemination of the creative art of spontaneous writing in an effort to promote new literary talents through initiatives taking place either online or physically. During the programme, a literary project aimed at schools will also be presented. The initiative is under the auspices of the Municipality of Pineto


After the formal address Franco Santoro, Vice-President of the “Literary Inedito”, will be speaking on the role and commitments of the Association, the publishing house, the editorial philosophy and mission, the spontaneity of the literary movement and the “Zero” issue of the literary magazine of the same name.

Stella Chiavaroli and Yvonne Pincelli, organizer of the initiative, will present the book “Grand tour in white heat”. The presentation of the painters of the covers of the Literary Inedito will follow. Next is scheduled for the presentation of the book: “If I read Spinoza, I’m happy” by the author Marco lannucci, followed by the presentation of the books nominated for Campiello 2022 by the authors Marco Belli, Andrea Marchetti and Grazia Mazzeo.

Stefano Ciccone, author in the theological field, will then present his book: “The first seven days of the world”. The event will resume at 3 pm with the books presented at Campiello in 2020 and 2021 by the authors Fabio Martini and Massimo Ferretti. Elisa Mascia and the poets of the Inedito Letterario will speak during the event.
At 5 pm Jacopo Rubini, for “Opaca Fronde” will present “The moon and the mantle: haiku poetry and the spirit of things”. A focus on the world of literature for schools will follow through a meeting with teachers, children and parents. The closure is entrusted to Franco Santoro, who will talk about “Synergies with other organizations, the choices for the future”.

“We have sponsored this initiative with conviction”, explains Ernesto Iezzi, Managing Director for Culture of the Municipality of Pineto, “acknowledging the topics covered and the purpose of the association. There will be many authors and artists present, whom I thank, and it will be an opportunity for the public to get to know their works and realise the importance of cultural promotion. Congratulations to Yvonne Pincelli on this event “.


As part of the two-day cultural event with the slogan: “RESTARTING FROM CULTURE” and after years of studies and historical research by Geom. Umberto Persichillo, on Sunday 8 May, the following event will take place:

Sunday 8 May from 16.00 to 18.00 – Conference Room


4.15 pm Presentation of the book by the publisher Dr. Fabio Martini;
4 pm Opening address by the Mayor Dr. Peppino Ferrante;
4.30 pm Speech by the author Umberto Persichillo;
4.45 pm Musical break with the singer Teresa Minnillo from Milan;
5.10 pm Speech by Professor Ada Palladino;
5.30 pm Speech by Senator Prof. Giuseppe Astore;
5.50 pm Closing of the programme by the Mayor Dr. Peppino Ferrante.