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Aldo Gallina, aka “Jona”: A Multifaceted Artist’s Journey

Aldo Gallina, known by his artistic pseudonym “Jona,” was born on December 26, 1969, in Soncino, Italy. His artistic journey is a captivating tale of multifaceted talent that transcends boundaries.

In his early years, Jona delved into the world of graphic design, setting the stage for his future creative endeavors. However, it wasn’t long before he ventured into the realm of music. In 1987, he began composing songs, refining his vocal technique at the Giuseppe Nicolini Conservatory in Piacenza. His dedication and passion for music led him to work as an operatic chorister in some of Italy’s most renowned theaters.

In the summer of 2015, after years of artistic exploration and experimentation, Jona embarked on a new phase in his career as a versatile artist. He combined his singer-songwriter talent with exhibitions of his own paintings, sculptures, and designs. This fusion of music and visual art became a hallmark of his artistic expression.

Jona’s creativity knew no bounds. He participated in prestigious Poetry Readings across Italy, showcasing his works in significant national and international exhibitions. In 2015, he published his first poetry book, “Angeli Udibili” (Audible Angels), a testament to his lyrical prowess.

November 2017 marked another milestone with the release of his second poetry collection, “Relitti di Debole Luce” (Wrecks of Weak Light). This collection received immediate recognition on a national level, earning Jona the first-place award in the “Published Books” category at the National L’Anfora di Calliope Competition. Further prestigious accolades followed, including recognition at the International Città di Pontremoli Competition and the National Histonium Prize.

In 2018, Jona took on the role of creator and Artistic Director for the International Literary Gathering Città di Soncino and the Sussurro Prize in 2019, solidifying his position as an influential figure in the literary world.

The global pandemic brought a pause to many artistic endeavors, but Jona’s creativity could not be stilled. He returned with the publication of “Viaggio Astrale di una Melanzana” (Astral Journey of an Eggplant), a collection of poems that once again demonstrated his poetic depth and versatility.

In 2023, Jona’s artistic journey continues as he participates in the international exhibition “ART AM 4 – American and Non-American Artists” in Soncino, Italy, reaffirming his status as a versatile and globally recognized artist.

Jona’s story is a testament to the power of creativity and the boundless possibilities that unfold when an artist fearlessly explores multiple artistic dimensions.

Follow Jona’s journey and discover his unique blend of music, poetry, and visual art.

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