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Acting Now for Nature’s Sake: The Urgency of Combating Global Warming: Article by Leya Mariam Biju

It’s a topic so vividly talked about yet the world needs to do a huge Herculean task to let it subside. Of course, global warming is a common phenomenon we see everywhere, all around. But, really it shouldn’t be taken that easily. Nor is it a thing that could be easily slid off because what’s the point if we live in this world, exploit and destroy all it has and, in the end, leave everything in this earth as we die? And the destruction we have caused will remain as evidence of our existence.

We are not here solely by our own will; rather, it is God’s will for us to live and care for His beautiful creations. Life is short, and living it to the fullest means living it wisely in a way that we won’t regret.

The world is at stake. Of course, this is the most important of times to act upon. The earth is rather becoming brown. What our grandparents once said is all but a dream for us, a fantasy. We don’t have to wait for anyone. We can act it out. But the mind requires ideas. We can do everything we can for nature.

If you see someone littering, tell them not to. But if they are arrogant to ignore, you pick it up yourself. It’s for nature. God has given you the responsibility to “work it and take care of it.” The issue is a lot being talked about and well written about. The mind is at high inspiration, the heart perceives the truth. No day’s newspaper is left without having at least one “climate change” article. At least the world has realised the time is running out.

And what good does it do if one part of the world sets out for nature and at the very right moment, the other part sets out missiles and nuclear weapons. It not only leads to polluting the air but also its fine suspended particles take all the credit in harming human health, even at very low concentrations.

Needless to say, war zones produce hundreds and thousands of tons of CO2, NO2, hydrocarbons, SO2, all in addition to the release of carbon dioxide. Plus, it takes life.

Indeed, very rightly, UN chief Antonio Guterres has told the UN COP27 summit that humanity faces a stark choice between working together or “collective suicide” in battle against global warming. We are already at the edge of time. What needs to be done must be done sooner.

Article by
Leya Mariam Biju

About the writer

Leya Mariam Biju, an Indian grade twelve student at New Indian Model School Dubai, was born and raised in Dubai, UAE. With the loving guidance of her parents, Biju Varghese and Binu Biju, Leya has flourished alongside her cherished sister, Lena Mariam Biju. Throughout her educational journey, Leya has been blessed with unwavering support from her family and teachers, who have played a vital role in shaping her character and ambitions. She possesses a deep reverence for nature, recognizing it as a divine gift that she feels a responsibility to preserve. As a gifted writer, Leya has crafted numerous heartfelt poems, with “Serenity,” “Boundless Love,” and “Nature’s Thief” holding a special place in her heart. Her passion for nature and poetic expression intertwines, inspiring her to make a positive impact on the world. Fueled by her dedication to environmental conservation and her talent for evocative verse, Leya embarks on new endeavours with boundless possibilities, always supported by the love and encouragement of her family and teachers.

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